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Finding inspiration

Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK
When do you come up with your best ideas for blog posts? For me, it's usually when I'm relaxing in the bath or (annoyingly) when I'm trying to go to sleep. It's in those moments where I'm trying to switch off that my mind begins to wander and before I know it, I've reached for my iPhone and I'm tapping away in the notes app!

Coming up with ideas for blog posts isn't always the easiest of tasks, especially if you are attempting to post every day or every other day. So where do you go for inspiration? Below I've shared a few ideas that don't involve buying new products just for the sake of blogging!

Your makeup collection - If you're a beauty blogger, your collection of beauty products will always provide a great source of inspiration. From individual product reviews to 'top five' posts and monthly round ups, there's plenty of content that can be created from even the most modest of collections.

Pinterest - For lifestyle posts, I find Pinterest to be a great source of inspiration. Whether you are looking to create a dream home post featuring your favourite design trends or have found a quote that has inspired you to write about a particular topic, this image sharing platform has a lot to offer bloggers. Just be aware of copyrighted images and ensure you give credit where credit is due.

Your old blog posts - In my post all about blog updates & improvements, I talked about going back through old blog and giving them a tidy up. Well after starting to do this, I found myself noting down a list of ideas for future posts. From topics that could be expanded on further to new takes on old ideas, there's plenty of content that can be sourced from simply going through your blog archive.

Scribble it down
If like me, you don't have the best memory in the world, I suggest noting your ideas down as soon as they pop into your head! I use my Pukka Pad for scheduling posts but the notes app in my iPhone is so perfect for capturing ideas when I'm out and about, in the bath or lying in bed.

Where do you find inspiration for blog post ideas?