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Home Office Inspiration

Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK
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If I had to give just one piece of advice to anyone considering working from home, it'd be to create a space purely for working in. The problem with trying to work in your bedroom or living room is that those places are for relaxing and you'll either find that you can no longer unwind in them or you'll struggle to concentrate.

Even though I'm currently living with my parents, I am very lucky that they have allowed me to turn one of the spare bedrooms into my home office. At the moment it's a little shabby chic haven with my  duck egg blue bureau, birdcage desk lamp and peony fairy lights and whilst I love it, I am already planning my next home office for when I move out, which all being well should be sometime this year.

At the moment I'm really into clean and minimal, monochrome desk spaces. I've been madly pinning home office inspiration images onto my Dream Home Pinterest board and I've already spotted the perfect desk from Ikea. The thing I think I'll find most difficult is finding a comfortable office chair. The one I use right now isn't all that comfortable and although these Eames-style chairs look amazing, I can't imagine they'd be that comfortable either? The search goes on!

Of course, no desk space would be complete without stationery and I've spotted so many things on Etsy I like, including the notepad above and these What Would Blair Waldorf Do pencils. I also really want to create some sort of pin board above my desk, where I can feature some of my favourite inspirational quotes, as well as cute polaroids I've taken on my Instax mini. Oh how I do love home planning!

Do you have a home office?
What would your dream office look like?