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Jason And The Argan Oil Lush shampoo bar review

Jason And The Argan Oil shampoo bar - £5.75

This may look like your average Lush bubble bar or you may even have mistaken it for a macaroon, but it’s actually one of Lush’s latest shampoo bar releases – Jason and The Argan Oil (such a good name)!

After getting a sneak peek of the new shampoo bars at the #BloggersSecretSanta14 meet up in Nottingham, I just knew I had to get one when my mum and I did our big Lush Christmas order. Being a huge fan of the rose jam scent (odd since I don’t usually like rose scents) and knowing that argan oil does wonders for the hair, I decided to go for this one.

At first I was a little sceptical, as I really didn’t expect it to do all that much for my hair but to say I was wrong is an understatement. Jason and The Argan Oil is probably my favourite shampoo to date. Not only does it smell divine but it also lathers up really well and leaves my hair looking bright and glossy. I really feel like it has improved the condition of my fine hair and made it a lot stronger – though I recently dyed my hair using Lush Henna, so this is likely to have had a positive impact on it too. A full list of the shampoo bar's ingredients (and their properties) is available here.

Lush say you should be able to get around 80 washes out of one shampoo bar (costing £5.75) which I think you’ll agree is pretty great! I’ve been using mine for a few weeks and there’s still so much of it left.

If you were wondering how they work, basically you wet your hair as normal and then gently stroke the bar over your scalp and down your hair a few times. Once you’ve done that, massage it into the scalp and rinse, just like you would with a liquid shampoo. You then need to leave the shampoo bar to air dry – we keep ours on a pretty little plate.

From having such a great experience with the Jason and The Argan Oil shampoo bar, I’m eager to try more from Lush’s collection. Copperhead is next on my list!

Have you tried any of the Lush shampoo bars?