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Skin Rehydration

Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK
Overnight Recharge Night Cream - MERUMAYA* // Vitamin E Moisture Mask - The Body Shop
This past week or so I've been suffering from what only can be described as the mother of all colds. Since I started working from home I've been lucky not to catch many colds, a welcomed change from my days at school and university, but this one somehow managed to get the better of me.

Anyway I'm not here to moan about the unpleasantness of the common cold but rather share a few products I've been using to rehydrate my skin. Being run down and blowing my nose what feels like every five minutes (ew) has left my skin looking and feeling dry, dull and lifeless. Luckily I have plenty of lovely skincare products in my stash to repair it but it's been the MERUMAYA Overnight Recharge Night Cream and Vitamin E Moisture Mask by The Body Shop that have been my saviours.

The MERUMAYA Overnight Recharge Night Cream* boasts a number of different anti-ageing benefits but as a twenty four year old I'm not overly interested in those yet. I do however love the fact it leaves my skin feeling soft, nourished and well-loved. It hydrates my skin over night and leaves it looking brighter and healthier come morning time. Unlike other night creams I've tried, it's not heavy on the skin and to top it all off, it smells divine!

Another fantastic product that I've been using to rehydrate my skin is The Body Shop's Vitamin E Moisture Mask. I do love a good face mask and this one ticks all of the boxes. You simply apply it to clean skin, leave it on for ten minutes and then gently wipe it off. My skin instantly feels hydrated and fully moisturised after using it and again, I love how it smells.

Which skincare products do you recommend for rehydrating the skin and giving it a pick me up?
*Item won in blogging event prize draw