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Jazz and Oby Pet Post: Meaty Sweetie dog treats review

After ‘walkies’ Jazz and Oby’s favourite word to hear is definitely ‘treats’ so when Pure asked if they would like to try their new Meaty Sweetie treats* I knew their answer would be yes!

Meaty Sweeties are healthy low calorie treats that are made from fresh, human grade ingredients. They're suitable for dog of all sizes and breeds and contain a number of healthy ingredients including coconut oil, which is meant to improve their coats, prevent infections and promote a healthy metabolism. Meaty Sweeties can be fed complimentary to a balanced diet and come in two different flavours: Chicken & Coconut and Duck & Apple.

Meaty Sweeties Chicken & Coconut - £5.99*
 The boys were sent the Chicken & Coconut Meaty Sweeties to try and they can’t get enough of them! They seem to like them equally as much as their other favourite treats, which include dental sticks and rodeo sticks.

What I like about giving Jazz and Oby Meaty Sweeties is that you know they’re doing them good – the same of which isn’t true of all dog treats! I can imagine they’d be great if you were trying to train your dog, as they’re just the right tidbit size.

The funniest thing is that my cat Thomas loves them too. He’s 16 and getting on a bit now bless him, so we pretty much just let him decide what he wants to eat. He’s never really been into cat treats but he loves these ones for dogs! 

Meaty Sweeties were a definite hit in the Hunt household!

Jazz and Oby were also lucky enough to get to try the Pure Complete Dog Food a while back, so head on over to my review post for a quick read.

*PR item

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  1. hummmmm these look yummy will try them out