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Little Lush Treats

When I'm need of the perfect pick me up, I can always rely on a good old Lush bath to do the trick. There's just something about the beautiful colours and gorgeous scents that makes them a million times better than your average bubble bath.

During a little online shopping spree with my mum, we picked up this selection of Lush treats. Some of the products are old favourites but there's also a couple of 'new news' (as I like to call them) in there.

The Comforter
This is of course an old favourite of mine. The berry scent of The Comforter is so delicious and it turns the bath the most gorgeous shade of pink. I love that it also creates creamy bubbles, perfect for those nights when you just want to lie there, soak up the goodness and let the time pass.

Butterball may not be the most exciting looking bath bomb but I love it. Cocoa butter and Ylang Ylang Oil make for the perfect combination, in terms of both scent and skin soothing.

Granny Takes A Dip
Granny Takes A Dip is one of the ones my mum purchased as she was attracted to the pretty colours. This one sounds like it has quite a refreshing scent with lemon oil, black pepper oil and ginger oil as its main ingredients. I think this one's perfect for my mum since she'll actually be a granny for real in a few months (haha!)

Rose Queen
Generally speaking, I'm not a huge fan of rose scents but my mum adores them, making Rose Queen the perfect bath bomb for her! This pretty pink bath bomb includes Rose Absolute, Blue Mallow Flowers and Tiger Lily Petals, making it full of floral goodness.

Sea Spray
Mum was looking for a styling spray but didn't want to get one of those chemical-ridden ones from the supermarket. Lush's Sea Spray provided a lovely alternative - a hair mist that offers a light hold and added shine. It's designed to give you a beachy, volumised look and sounds divine. I have a feeling that I'll definitely be having a spritz or two myself!

What are your favourite products from Lush? 
Is there one you reach for time and time again?