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Pawsomebox and Purrfectbox - A great treat for your pets!

Whilst I'm not really a fan of beauty subscription boxes, pet subscription boxes are a whole other story!
I can't tell you how exciting it was to open an unexpected package and see a Pawsomebox* for Jazz and Oby and a Purrfectbox* for Thomas!
There were so many amazing goodies inside from dog and cat treats to the most adorable little toys. Oby's grown very attached to the Squirrel toy and Jazz loves to pinch it off him. Tom's not as thrilled with the toys (he might be a little old now) though he absolutely loved the cod and chicken treats, along with Advance cat biscuits. We're donating the toys to a family friend's kittens as they'll get much more use out of the fluffy little mice toys and cat nip!
Unsurprisingly Jazz and Oby loved their treats! The dental care sticks are great for their teeth and the little bones made a great snack between meals. I personally love the little treat box they sent, which we'll be taking out with us on walks.

What's great about these subscription boxes for pets is that you get such a good selection of goodies. Jazz, Oby and Thomas were so excited to see what was inside their boxes and it made such a lovely treat for them.
Both Pawsomebox and Purrfectbox cost £19.90 a month, which isn't cheap but is easily justified by the fantastic selection of products you get. If like me you have two dogs, you can easily share a Pawsomebox between them because you'll get plenty of food, treats and toys inside.
I feel like Pawsomebox and Purrfectbox get it right every time and I can honestly see why they're so popular! They're currently offering a free trial to new customers, so if you fancy treating your pet, be sure to check that out.

A big thank you to Pawsomebox and Purrfectbox from Jazz, Oby and Thomas!


*PR item

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