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June Pawsomebox Review - It's time for a walk!

These days my boys get more blogger mail than I do - not that I'm complaining, I think I get every bit as excited as them when it comes to opening our monthly Pawsomebox! June's box was a real cracker, let's take a look at what was inside...

As usual, the Pawsomebox* contained a mixture of dog toys, dog treats and practical items. Of course Jazz and Oby were most interested in the toys and treats but I thought the dog towel would come in handy for wet paws post-walkies. The Easy-Tie (designed for tying up your dogs safely) wasn't a great fit for my dogs, with it being designed for smaller pooches but I'm sure we'll find someone to give it to.

The boys both took an immediate liking to the crown rope toy. At one point they had one end each and were participating in a good old game of tug of war. They also love the orange bouncy ball, which seems to have a mind of its own! It bounces all over the place and they love chasing after it.

The treats have gone down, well, a treat! The Chicken & Carrot treats were the definite favourite but Oby has also taken a real liking to the Woof & Brew tea-infused biscuits too. What I like about Pawsomebox is that they take care to include treats that are made from good ingredients and actually have health benefits for our pups. The herbal tea dog treats were certainly an interesting find!

Being the lovely people they are, Pawsomebox also sent another Purrfectbox* (the cat version) for Thomas to sample. As an older cat, he's a little fussy when it comes to toys, so I'm donating them to a family friend who has lively young kittens (who will have hours of fun in that tunnel). He does however love the treats - so much so that I forgot to photograph the Chicken Filet Bites as he was busy munching away on them! 

If you're after a special treat for your furry friend, a Pawsomebox or Purrfectbox will make you their favourite person ever. They cost £19.90 each if you choose to pay monthly, however you can get discounts for longer subscription plans. You can also get your first box (either Pawsomebox or Purrfectbox) for free (with the exception of the £2.90 delivery free) giving you and your pet the chance to trial a box on the cheap.

The value of the contents inside the boxes easily exceeds the amount you pay, so you get a fantastic deal. What's more, the company is dedicated to supporting animal charities, which as an animal-lover gets them a huge thumbs up from me!
*PR items


  1. aw so cute! these boxes do look great I'll be sure to check them out for my pup!

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  2. They're such a great idea! Let me know if you end up signing up! xo