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Miss Beauty London

A month or so ago I received a lovely surprise package from a new brand called Miss Beauty London. For those who haven’t come across Miss Beauty London before, they offer a budget makeup line that is exclusively sold in Poundworld. Their products are described as trend-led, stylish and affordable – a staple for every girl’s makeup bag. Here are my thoughts...

High Shine Lipgloss
I'm not the biggest fan of lipglosses, so I can't say I really had high hopes for this product. Unfortunately, I was right to feel that way. The High Shine Lipgloss in Orangeade* looked beautiful in the packaging, however once on the lips, the colour was very sheer and the main thing I noticed was how shimmery it was – not something I personally look for in a lipgloss. I also found that it had a very sticky consistency, which if out in the wind would result in an annoying hair-stuck-on-lips situation that no one really wants to find themselves in!

Volumising Mascara
Although the Volumising Mascara* felt quite wet upon application, I actually found that it was good for lengthening the lashes. It wasn’t clumpy but it did group some of my lashes together (however they have a tendency to do that anyway). I actually quite like the look it gives, especially for daytime wear.

Pressed Powder
The Pressed Powder in Ivory* is probably my favourite out of the Miss Beauty products I was sent. It’s the perfect shade for me and I like how it doesn’t feel cakey on the skin. I’ve been using it to get rid of unwanted shine and set my makeup with a big fluffy brush. It actually works pretty well!

Miss Beauty London also kindly sent me four of their nail polishes to try. I think the colours all look really pretty and found that upon application, they're actually very pigmented. The shade that initially caught my eye was 369 Purple*. This is an opaque polish with a lovely gel-like finish. It's a beautiful shade that will be perfect for autumn. It says you need to apply two to three coats but if you were in a rush, you could definitely get away with just one.

I also really love 376 Lava* which is the glitter coral pink polish. It's not at all me but even still, I think it's such a gorgeous shade for summer. You need two coats for this one.

The other two shades, 15 Top Pink* and 373 Glitter* are also very pretty. I found that all of the polishes are easy to apply and very fast drying. The only downside is that they don't last very long before chipping (I think I managed a day or two) but you have to remember that they only cost £1 each!

I think that's the thing to remember with this line - it is essentially budget beauty and to say that each item only costs £1, the quality is pretty good. Whilst I can't see myself buying it on a regular basis, I think it would be great for teenage girls who are just getting into makeup and don't want to spend a fortune. If you are interested it trying some of the Miss Beauty London products yourself, you'll find the range in your local Poundworld.

Have you tried anything from Miss Beauty London?
What are your general thoughts on budget beauty brands like this?
*PR Sample