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My Second Trimester

I'm nearing the end of my second trimester, so I thought it was about time I shared another update with you. Firstly, I've just got to comment on how quickly this pregnancy is going. I always thought 9 months was such a long time to be pregnant for but now it's actually happening to me, it feels like it's flying by! How I am six months pregnant already, I really don't know.

Stretch marks
As expected, the second trimester has been pretty symptom-free. If you read my first trimester post, you'll know that I managed to escape the dreaded morning sickness (whoop whoop), instead only dealing with painful boobs and tiredness, which was pretty good going. One thing that I have noticed during the second trimester is the appearance of stretch marks. As you can see on the photos, I've got quite the bump, so it's hardly surprising! Whilst I'm yet to notice any on my tummy, I have quite a few on my hips where the skin must be pulling forward but in all honesty, they really don't bother me. Having said this, the lovely people at Secret Saviours have sent me their Anti Stretch Mark Pack, so it'd be great if it stops them appearing on my ever-growing tummy! I'll be doing a full post on it soon.

Baby movements
The other big change since entering the second trimester has been the best thing ever and that's baby movements! I began feeling light flutters quite early on (weeks 14 / 15) but as the weeks progressed this has turned into what feels like rolling movements and even better - kicks! I'm now 26 weeks+5 and the little mr's kicks are so strong. He responds to loud noises (like the dogs barking) and if I put something gently on my tummy, he'll try and kick it off. It's truly the most amazing thing I've ever experienced and it makes me all the more excited for his arrival.

Baby shopping
After I found out I was having a little boy, I started the exciting process of baby shopping. I always thought that baby boys' clothes wouldn't be as cute as baby girls' clothes but I was so wrong! John Lewis have some absolutely amazing baby boy clothes, some of which I've shared in my mini baby boy haul. I've also recently shopped the Next sale and bought so many gorgeous nautical-themed pieces, so I'll definitely have to do another baby boy clothing post soon to show you those.

Although I've still got a few bigger things to buy, I mostly know what I want to get. The only thing I'm having trouble with is a changing bag. I know that sounds ridiculous but I've found they're either super tacky-looking or stylish but expensive. If anyone has any recommendations, please send them my way!

I've finally decided how I'm going to do the nursery and even bought one of the decorations for it this week. I'm thinking of going for a mint green colour scheme, with the white Hensvik furniture from Ikea. Once it's all finished (which is likely to be in September sometime) I'll definitely be blogging about it but for now you can check out my Little Mr Pinterest board to see what I've been drawing inspiration from.

Other changes...
Now I'm getting bigger, I've started finding it a little trickier to do simple things, like getting up off the sofa and I've also experienced slight lower back pain - usually when I've been sitting typing for too long. I'm trying to make a conscious effort to move round more, as although there are SO many benefits to working from home, one of the downsides is that you tend to sit on your bottom all day! I've also been going on some gentle dog walks to keep things moving and trying out a few pregnancy yoga stretches, which have really helped.

Up until the last week or so I'd been sleeping through the night without having to use the toilet but I'm thinking that from now on these bathroom breaks are going to become more frequent! So far I haven't really experienced any heartburn so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I might just be a lucky one.

From around 21 weeks (ish) I started noticing that my boobs were leaking (sorry if you're grossed out). I was a little alarmed at first, as I thought that was supposed to happen later on (i.e. just before the baby arrived) but I've been reassured that it's perfectly normal. Although there isn't a lot, I've been using the Boots breast pads (as seen in my Pregnancy Essentials post) to keep myself comfortable.

During my pregnancy I have been seeing a consultant for my Hypothyroidism. This is something I've been treated for since I was about 8 or 9  and doesn't really affect me in any way but it is something they have to monitor during pregnancy. So far everything has been absolutely fine, they've just been upping my tablets to ensure I'm getting a high enough dosage of thyroxine now I'm pregnant. I think I'm having an extra scan at 32 weeks just to check on the little mr's growth but according to my midwife, he's already a good size!

I've also had the opportunity to listen to my little boy's heartbeat twice at my midwife appointments, which is just so magical. I even filmed it last time so I could share the experience with my family and best friends. I think it made it even more real for them!

The name
I'm pretty certain that I now have a name for my little boy but I'm still keeping it a secret on here. Obviously things could change but the name I've chosen is so special and I absolutely love it. I've already started saying it when I've been talking to him as he kicks away and it feels so right.

The third trimester is fast approaching and there's still so much to do before the little Mr arrives! I'm planning on sharing some more baby / pregnancy posts on my blog, so keep an eye out for them. I also share regular bump updates on my Instagram if that's something that interests you (haha).

If you've made it to the end - a big well done! 
It was a bit of a mammoth post but I hope you've found it interesting.