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Soap & Glory Minis

I've been a huge fan of Soap & Glory for years (even before my days of beauty blogging) so I was over the moon (albeit a little confused) when Boots sent me these three little minis to try. Has anyone else been receiving gifts from Boots through the post? I received three separate parcels, each with a Soap & Glory mini inside. I don't know if this is a new thing they're trialling but it was such a lovely surprise!

The Righteous Butter
In terms of body moisturisation, The Righteous Butter* ticks all of the boxes. It nourishes the skin, has a lovely scent and doesn't leave you feeling sticky. The skin on my arms has been particularly dry during my pregnancy, so I've found this a really useful product. It says it's a 'Very Dry Skin' formula but I reckon anyone could benefit from the extra hydration it offers.

Vitamin C Facial Wash
Out of the three products, the Vitamin C Facial Wash* has definitely been my favourite and funnily enough I've never come across it before! It's a gentle gel cleanser that has tiny pink exfoliating beads, great for cleansing the face and getting rid of dead skin cells. I find it really refreshing and love using it in the shower in the morning to cleanse my face and wake myself up! I'll definitely be picking up the full size of this when my mini runs out.

Hand Food 
I've tried Hand Food* before and have always found it to be a really great hand cream. I can't say hand cream is something I particularly enjoy using (even though mum's been telling me how important it is all my life) but I do find this one very soothing and not at all greasy. It has the same 'traditional' Soap & Glory scent, which I love and is the perfect size for throwing in your handbag.

What's your favourite product from Soap & Glory?


*Samples sent from Boots