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Wardrobe Staple: Leggings

We all have our own wardrobe staples from the LBD to the Breton Stripe tee but one of my absolute must-haves is a good pair of leggings. Even before I was pregnant, I enjoyed wearing jeggings (a cross between jeans and leggings) but over the last few months, leggings have been one of my favourite things to wear.

So what makes leggings one of my wardrobe staples?

Well firstly they’re super comfortable! Just try on a pair and tell me you’re comfier in your skinny jeans – I think not. Whether you’re just lounging around in the house or popping out to the shops, you can guarantee that you’ll feel nice and cosy in a pair of leggings.

But just because leggings are comfortable to wear, it doesn’t mean they’re not stylish! You only have to take a look at these fashion leggings to see that they’re well deserved of their title as a wardrobe staple. Whether you’re into checks, metallics, leather look or velvet, there are fashion leggings designs to suit all! Pop on a pair of heels and a long-line top and you've got yourself the perfect smart-casual outfit for an evening out.

I think the fact that leggings are so versatile and go with so many different outfits also makes them a wardrobe staple. I like to wear mine with either a long top or an oversized piece of knitwear. They also look great with both ankle boots and sandals, making them perfect for all seasons.

Here in the UK, it’s rare for the weather to be warm enough to have your bare legs out but if you’re too warm in jeans, leggings make the perfect in-between garment. They’re light enough so that you’re still comfortable yet provide enough cover up so you’re not feeling exposed. A win-win I’d say!

If you’re looking to stock up on this wardrobe staple either for the more cooler summer days or for the upcoming A/W season, I definitely recommend checking out the World of Leggings website. They stock leggings in all sorts of amazing prints and textures, with something to suit all tastes.

I really love the look of the velvet leggings (velvet’s topped to be a big trend next season). I'll definitely be styling some myself once I’ve welcomed my little boy into the world and said goodbye to my ever-growing bump!

What do you class as your wardrobe staples?
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