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30 weeks pregnancy update

Yesterday I hit the big 3-0 – that’s right 30 weeks pregnant, which means there’s only 10 weeks until my due date! As the little Mr's arrival is getting closer and closer, I thought I'd share a little (or should I say rather big) update.

My week - I’ve spent the week working, catching up with friends and doing baby shopping. Thank goodness for the Internet, as I’m not sure how long I’d last traipsing round town for everything! The pram car seat and mini crib arrived, which was really exciting! I ended up going for the Silver Cross Surf in black and the Silver Cross Simplicity car seat. I also decided to buy the Mothercare Hyde Crib rather than a Moses basket, as I liked the look of it better. Everything’s currently boxed in what will be the nursery but I’m hoping to have a little peek at it later.

I've also got a bouncer coming from Mamas and Papas next week, as I was lucky enough to win a £50 voucher! I seem to be doing pretty well with baby competitions - I also recently won a Mam breast pump and bottle set too!

The little Mr has been kicking away and I’m starting to get a better idea of his routine. He also pushes out bigger body parts when he’s trying to get comfy and makes my tummy jump all over the place. I’ve noticed that he’s quite active when I’ve eaten or when I’m online shopping (for him). I wonder if it’s something to do with all the feel-good hormones that are produced when I’m doing these things? Who knows! Still, it’s pretty funny.

Symptoms - I’m starting to get quite tired and I’m definitely a lot slower in doing things. Bending over to pick things up is a real struggle and don’t even get me started on trying to paint my toenails! I’ve also found getting up off the sofa and rolling over in the night a little more troublesome but that’s to be expected. I’ve only had one case of my ankles swelling so far and I’ve not really had any heartburn. I almost fee a little guilty, as I know heartburn is something a lot of pregnant women suffer with – especially in the third trimester! I’m trying to keep everything moving by going on dog walks and this is something I hope to do right until the very end. It’s good to get some fresh air!  

Weight gain - I still feel really well in myself, albeit pretty huge. I noticed that my face looks a lot fuller now and I already had a moon face so that’s rather funny. I’ve also noticed that I’ve put a little extra weight on my hips – but I can’t say I’m too bothered. I know that I’ll be a lot more active once the little Mr has arrived and although I’m not going to get obsessed over losing all the baby weight quickly (no fad diets thank you very much), getting fitter is something I want to do anyway.

Stretch marks -  I’ve still not got any stretch marks on my stomach (hurrah!) however there are plenty on my hips and the tops of my legs to make up for it. Again, this is not something that bothers me greatly. It’s all part of the experience and I know they’ll fade eventually. I’ve been wearing the Secret Saviours bump band from the Anti Stretch Mark pack every couple of days to provide extra support. I’m planning on doing a little review next week. So keep an eye out for it!

Cravings -  I don’t know if I’ve had any proper cravings as such, however I’ve definitely been enjoying all sorts of foods from risotto to cheesecake! My mum’s pregnancy craving was ice cubes and I can totally understand why! I’ve been getting so, so warm and there’s nothing quite like chomping on an ice cube to cool you down.

Appointments -  I’m off to see my midwife next Friday, when I’ll be almost 31 weeks. Looking forward to hearing the little one’s heartbeat again. I’ve also got a growth scan at the beginning of next month as I have hypothyroidism and they want to check on his size. I did have my bump measured at my last appointment and everything was as it should be so there shouldn’t be anything to worry about! I'm so excited to see him again, especially as it’ll probably be the last time before I meet him properly!

Plans for next week - Next week I plan to print off a checklist so I can keep track of all the baby items I’ve purchased and what I still need to buy. I’m also thinking of picking up some of the things I’ll need for the hospital when I go to Nottingham with Sophia (who is also pregnant) on Friday. I’m sure I’ll end up picking up a few more baby bits too, because she’ll definitely be an enabler!

So I think that’s about it! I’m not quite sure how often I’ll be sharing updates – just when I feel like it but I have a few more baby posts planned for the next couple of weeks, so be sure to check back soon.