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Cute Cake Pops

Last Christmas I bought my mum some baking bits and bobs so we could have a go at making cake pops. Nearly eight months later and we finally got round to it! My mum's awesome at baking; me not so much but I'm pretty proud of how our cake pops turned out so I thought I'd share the simple recipe here on my blog.

Ingredients (makes 20):
2oz Butter
2oz Caster Sugar
2 oz Self Raising Flour
1 egg
100's and 1000's
Wilton Candy Melts Blue (or other colour of your choice)

You will also need:
Silicone cake pop mould (Lakeland - £4.99)
Cake pop sticks (Lakeland - £1.98 for 50)
Cake pop stand (Lakeland £1.99) or 2 jam jars

Mix butter, caster sugar and self raising flour together, with your beaten egg, like you would with any old cake. Fill the bottom half of your cake pop mould with the mixture and pop on the lid (the lid has a little hole in the top). Place in heated oven at 180°C for 15 - 20 minutes. Take out and leave to cool in mould.

Pop your candy melts in the microwave following the instructions on the packet. You need to stir them in between heating them on a low temperature. Once the mixture is nice and runny and your cake pops have cooled, it's time to get decorating!

I'm not going to lie, I found decorating the cake pops fairly tricky. Since making them, I've read that if you leave them to chill properly and dip the sticks into the candy melts mixture before inserting them, it'll stop your cake pops falling off.

To ice them, all you need to do is dip them into the candy melts mixture, using a twizzling motion to ensure they're pretty coated. Sprinkle your decorations on top and voila! As I said before, I'm not a natural baker so mine didn't come out perfect. I made no effort to cover them entirely or create a smooth finish and I think they still looked quite pretty! Even better, they taste absolutely delicious after they've been chilled in the fridge for a little while.

I'll definitely be making these again, as I'm planning on having them at my baby shower. Practice makes perfect so we'll see how attempt number 2 turns out!