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Newborn Baby Wishlist

Most of the 'big ticket' items for my little Mr have now arrived, including his pram, crib and car seat, so I've started thinking about some of the little extras I want to get him. I've always enjoyed sharing wishlist posts, so I thought I'd put one together featuring some newborn baby items I've got my eye on!

Musical Toy Crumble Bear - Mamas and Papas
Crumble bear plays a lullaby when you gently pull his suitcase. What's not to love about that? I loved teddies when I was younger and still do, so I imagine my little one will end up with plenty of cuddly friends in his nursery.

Sophie la Girafe Starter Set - Lucy and Belle
I've heard so many good things about this baby skincare brand, bought to you by the makers of the Sophie la Girafe teething toy! It was launched last year (I believe) and features eco-certified, vegan natural and organic ingredients. I definitely want to make sure I'm using gentle and kind products that haven't been tested on animals, so this starter set really appeals to me.

Millie & Borris Bear - Mamas and Papas
You can never have too many teddies and I just love this Millie & Borris Bear! His little bow tie is adorable and he looks so, so soft.

Little Star Gro Swaddle - Gro
Gro is another brand that I've heard really good things about. Their swaddle blankets are designed to help young babies feel warm and secure, mimicking how they felt in their mummy's tummy. They have a specially designed shape, allowing for easy swaddling and don't use any poppers or ties, so you don't have to worry about it being over-tight. I love the Little Star Gro Swaddle and think it'll look really cute with the little Mr's cloud print crib sheets.

Milestone Baby Cards - Amazon
I've seen so many people using these Milestone Baby Cards when taking pictures of their babies and think they're such a good idea! They come in a number of different designs but these are my favourite. I definitely want to pick some up so I can look back at photos of him and know exactly how old he was at the time.

Gro-Egg & Owl Shell - Gro
I couldn't resist featuring this Gro-Egg & Owl Shell (sold separately). It's a thermometer that also doubles up as a night light. As well as telling you the temperature of the room, the thermometer also adjusts in colour, so you can tell if its too low, high or just right at a glance. The Owl Shell can be placed over the top to make it look that little bit cuter. Other animal designs are available too. I just love them!

Bandana Dribble Bib Pack - M&S
Last but not least are these adorable bandana dribble bibs from M&S. They've very reasonably priced (you get 3 for £6). Some places seem to charge a fortune for bandana bibs so I definitely think I'll be picking up a pack of these and maybe another one of their designs. I've been told you can never have too many bibs!

So there we have my newborn baby wishlist. Are you currently shopping for a newborn? Feel free to leave your recommendations for products and essentials below!