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My Most Prized Possessions

I like to think of myself as a fairly non-materialistic person. The question ‘what’s the one thing you’d grab in a fire?’ always leaves me puzzled, as I think, well as long as my family were safely outside (that includes my animals), I wouldn’t really worry about anything else. But this article How Much Do We Value Our Possessions? by Legal & General, got me thinking that perhaps I do underestimate the value of some of the things I own – especially the sentimental stuff. With this in mind, I thought I'd share some of my favourite items in my bedroom...

Whilst not necessarily a sentimental item, I guess one of my most prized possessions is my Macbook. I invested in it for work purposes and it's something I use for hours and hours every day. Even when I'm not working on it, I'm likely to be blogging on it or watching videos, so I think it's definitely an item I undervalue, considering how much of a 'staple' it is to my every day life.

I have quite a modest makeup collection, compared to most beauty bloggers, however it's something that I do take pride in. I love being able to try out different products and as daft as it sounds, I take great pleasure in organising the makeup in my Muji drawers and rotating it on a regular basis.

These are some of my newest possessions, yet they are some of the most important to me. As many of you will know, I'm expecting my first baby in a few weeks time and already he is my everything. Over the last few months I've been doing big clear outs and cutting back on 'Megan purchases', so I can make sure my little Mr has everything he needs once he enters the world. This drawer in my bedroom is filled with some of the clothes and toys I've bought for him. Just opening it gets me all excited about his arrival!

Amongst many other beautiful baby-related things, my parents have recently treated me to his pram (Silver Cross Surf 2) and I've got to say, it's up there as one of the best things I've ever owned. I've not pictured it here, as we've boxed it back up for the time being, but I'll definitely be doing a full review of it once I've had chance to test it out properly with the little one.

Out of all the items I'm lucky enough to own, this ring probably means the most to me and not just because of the beautiful diamond! The reason I treasure this ring is because it belonged to my late grandma. She was such a lovely lady and I do wish that we had got to spend more years together but I know she's still with me and I think about her every single day without fail.

This ring feels like my connection to her and although I rarely wear it (especially at the moment as I have slightly swollen pregnancy fingers), when I do, I feel so empowered by it. In the past I've worn it when I've felt nervous about something (like an exam at uni or a job interview) and it's always made me feel so much better. In this case, it's really not about the monetary value but how much it means to me sentimentally and that's something you can't put a price on.

What are your most prized possessions?
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