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Secret Saviours Anti Stretch Mark Pack Review

Back in July, the lovely people over at Secret Saviours got in touch to see if I'd like to try their Anti Stretch Mark Pack*. The pack includes a bump band, day gel and night cream, all of which have been designed to work together to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy. Secret Saviours is currently the only prevention system that has been clinically proven to reduce stretch marks appearing by more than 70%. With claims like that, I thought it was definitely worth a go!

Now before I get into it, I just want to point out that I didn't have any stretch marks on my stomach before using the kit (just on my hips and legs) and that I personally think they're either something you're going to get or your not. Having said this, I was still keen to give the anti stretch mark pack a go, as I liked the idea of the bump band providing extra support and wanted to see what it was all about.

Using the Anti Stetch Mark Pack

The first step is to apply the day gel to the stomach area. This is made from a luxurious blend of ethically sourced, scientifically proven ingredients. The idea is that the day gel will prepare your bump for the anti stretch mark band, so it's supposed to feel a little tacky. One of the things I noticed about both the day gel and night cream is that they smell divine! They have a real 'high end' scent, if you know what I mean - a scent that leaves you feeling calm and relaxed.

Once you've applied the day gel, you can pop on your bump band. These bands come in various different sizes, so you need to measure your bump, taking the reading from the largest part, which is where your tummy button lies. At the time I was around 26 weeks pregnant and measured 40 inches, so I was fitted with the medium size band.

What you'll notice from looking at the band is that it has small pads, which are designed to face the skin. These pads have been strategically placed to prevent stresses and strains and help reduce the likelihood of internal tears, which can lead to stretch marks. The band provides a snug, yet comfortable fit and leaves your bump feeling well and truly supported.

I found that the bump band was extremely comfortable to wear in the day time, though I did take it off to have my dinner in the evening, as I like to feel free when I'm eating haha! It was easy to fit under my maternity tops, however it did tend to shine through a little if I was wearing white. This may be something you want to consider when choosing between the black and pink bump bands, as obviously the black will shine through more if you're wearing light colours.

After taking off my band, I followed up with the night cream, as recommended by Secret Saviours. I found applying this product much more enjoyable than the day cream, as whilst that was intentionally tacky, this was a lot smoother and great for soothing my bump.

Sorry for all the mess behind me! This was my office that I'm now turning into a nursery!

I'm now 31 weeks pregnant and I still don't have any stretch marks on my stomach. Admittedly, I haven't worn the bump band every day, so I can't say it's completely down to that, however it certainly provides good level of support, so if you think you are more prone to getting stretch marks, I can imagine it really helping to prevent excess stretching.

The few stretch marks I have developed are on my hips, where there aren't any pads, however I am wondering whether I would have had more if it wasn't for wearing the band? I think the fact it supports my bump stops my hips being pulled forward as much, so there's a possibility that I may have less stretch marks in that area because of the band but I can't really say for definite.

Something else I was thinking about was the fact that I have a sedentary job and whether my bump needed as much support as someone who was on their feet all day? Maybe if you have a more active job or lifestyle, where you are moving around more, it could provide a higher level of support and help to prevent stretch marks caused by movement. I'm no expert on these things, it's just something I was thinking about.

If stretch marks in pregnancy are something that really concern you, then I would recommend giving this kit a go. It's not the cheapest at £69.95 but you have to remember that you are not only investing in high quality products, made from ethically sourced ingredients but also products that are backed up by science! The Secret Saviours website says that you'll probably need to purchase two bands as your bump grows, so it does end up costing quite a lot of money, with bands being sold separately for £29.99. I guess it all depends on whether you have the money spare and how bothered you are about the possibility of getting stretch marks.

As someone who hasn't had any stretch marks on their stomach so far and believes that some people are more prone to them than others, I won't be getting the next size up, as I personally feel that the bump bands on my maternity jeans and leggings provide enough support. I've also been using the Palmer's Tummy Butter to keep my skin supple and it seems to be doing the job just fine.

I know this is a bit of a mixed review but I wanted to be completely honest! I think there are definitely a lot of positives to this kit and it has certainly worked well for many pregnant women (I've read the reviews myself) but for me personally, it's not a pregnancy essential, especially at a time where for most people money is a little tighter.

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