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Lush Haul

It's that time of year when Lush release their gorgeous Christmas range and the beauty blogging world goes crazy. Although I would have loved to have attended the Nottingham Lush event which I was invited to, where they were introducing some of the new products and old favourites, I just felt way too pregnant to make the journey! Still, this didn't stop me placing an online order for some goodies, so I can enjoy a few relaxing baths before the little Mr arrives.

A sucker for the Christmas collection, I decided to treat myself to an old favourite, So White. This may look a little on the boring side, compared to some of Lush's brighter bath bombs but let me tell you, it certainly doesn't disappoint! I love the gorgeous apple scent and pink rosy centre. It's perfect for a relaxing yet refreshing bath in the evening time. A fan of vanilla scents, I couldn't resist picking up the Star Dust bath bomb. I don't think I've come across this one before, so I'm assuming it's a new one. I also picked up the Father Christmas bath bomb, which I believe is supposed to smell like Snow Fairy (one of my favourites). I can't wait to try this out!

I also treated my mum and my brother to a couple of bath bombs, as they're Lush fans too. For my brother, I chose Dashing Santa, a mandarin and bergamot bath bomb and Intergalactic (a non-Christmas bath bomb) that looks like it's going to be amazing! My mum loves a pink bath, so I got her the Think Pink bath bomb, which is enriched with vanilla and lavender oil. It contains cute rice paper hearts, which will add a lovely touch to her already pretty pink bath water.

Mum's also a fan of Rose scents and after enjoying the Rose Jam Bubbleroon, I suggested she tried the Rose Jam Shower Gel. I'm not personally a fan of rose scents but even I love this one!

Last but not least I bought the Sea Spray Hair Mist, which is my favourite hair product of all time. It's not the cheapest salt spray at £9.95 but it's the best one I've ever used. I spritz it through my curls to give them that lovely natural, beachy look and I find it holds them in place so much better than hairspray.

What are your favourite Lush products? 
Any recommendations for me?

Living Room Tour

Leather Effect Tub Sofa - Argos // Leather Effect Tub Chair - Argos // Coffee Table - eBay // Striped Cushion Cover - H&M // Grey Cushion Cover - H&M // Shine Like The Stars Cushion - George
Something you may or may not know about me is that I live with my parents. It's not something I'm ashamed of - I have such a good relationship with my family and I'm lucky to have a lot of my own space, including a bedroom, living room, bathroom and nursery for the Little Mr (ready for when he arrives!) Basically it's like having my own flat but within easy reach of the people I love most!

I'll definitely be doing a little nursery tour for those interested but today I wanted to share my gorgeous new living room with you. It's stylish, yet comfortable and very ME. I'm absolutely in love with it!
When designing my living room, the first piece of furniture I found was this gorgeous Holstebro sideboard from Argos. I loved the dark Walnut wood finish and the almost retro feel it had. I was lucky that the colour of the wood toned in with the stripy flooring, which was already down in my living room and even luckier that Argos also sold a matching TV unit. Both pieces were on offer at a great price, so I quickly snapped them up!
As far as I'm aware the Holstebro Sideboard and TV Unit are no longer available (possibly discontinued) as I know Argos were having trouble with their suppliers. If you're looking for an equally stylish alternative, I definitely recommend checking out their Hygena range, which has a minimalist Scandi look to it that's really in right now.
Tealight Holder - H&M // Letter Candle - George // Copper Candle Holder - Next (similar here)
Of course, my living room would be an empty shell without a few home accessories! I decided to go for copper and marble accessories (I'm a walking cliche) but I think they look so, so beautiful. The copper shades tone in really well with my furniture and give my living room some warmth.
Cactus Plants - Ikea
Finding the right cushions for my living room was quite a challenge! I'm very picky and didn't want to spend a fortune. Although the cushion covers were very reasonably priced at H&M, they were charging £6.00 each for inners, which I think is a little expensive. After shopping around, I found that you could get 6 for the same price on Amazon, so I bought them from a seller on there instead. If you decide to do the same, make sure you check the sizes first!
Make a Little Magic cushion cover - H&M
Although I share the kitchen with my family, I wanted to have my own drink making facilities! It's so nice just being able to make a quick latte in the living room and really convenient when I have people over. I'm drinking decaf coffee at the moment but thankfully Tassimo do decaf pods so I don't miss out just because I'm pregnant!
Pyramid Kettle - George // Copper Cafetiere - George // Tassimo Machine - Argos (Currently less than half price) // Marble Effect Worktop Saver - George
Sticking with the copper theme, I managed to pick up three canisters from George at Asda (which is excellent for affordable home accessories by the way) for £4 each. Unfortunately they seem to be out of stock at the moment but keep checking the site just incase! I imagine they're pretty popular, what with everyone going crazy for copper right now.
Copper Coffee Canister - George
The great thing about my living room is that it's a practical space for working in too. Giving up my office space so I could create a nursery for the Little Mr was a no brainer but when I do get back into working from home, it's good to know I can work in here, rather than my bedroom. The coffee table top actually lifts up so you can have it at a raised height, giving you a desk option.
Marble Effect Coasters - H&M
So there we have my living room and some of my favourite items in it! I hope you've enjoyed having a nosey round. Be sure to let me know what you think! Oh and if you can recommend anywhere for prints I can put on the walls (not too expensive), leave a comment below as they're looking a little bare right now.


My Baby Shower

On Saturday 3rd October I had one of the most wonderful days ever. Not only was it my 25th birthday (a quarter of a century - eek!) but it was also my baby shower. When I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted to have a baby shower but I didn't want it to be some big, crazy affair. Instead I wanted an intimate gathering with my bestest friends and that's exactly what was planned!

We decided to go for the traditional blue theme (as I'm having a little boy) but with a retro twist. We served cloudy lemonade and strawberry juice in adorable milk bottles, baked white chocolate topped cakes and offered all sorts of delicious sweets, packed into traditional candy striped bags. Oh and we also made dozens of sandwiches, which went down a treat! My baby shower had a really homemade feel to it. It was relaxed, casual and free from cringeworthy games. The perfect afternoon!

My best friends are spread all over the place, so it was really lovely to get together for a good old giggle and catch up. Not everyone could make it as two of my best friends are currently travelling Australia and others were on holiday but I felt that everyone was there in spirit.

The little Mr was absolutely spoilt by his aunties (thanks chicks!) and I feel so grateful that he will have such wonderful women in his life. I just want to say a special thank you to my best friend Liz, who helped us get set up and treated me to these beautiful Peter Rabbit themed baby shower cupcakes from Cuppa Kaykes.

Even though I'm not really into baby shower games (I can't understand why anyone would want to eat melted chocolate from a nappy *vom*) I thought it would be fun to get my friends to predict when baby would arrive. They all handed their cards in secretly, so only I know who has guessed what at the moment. I can't wait to find out if any of them get it right!

My special day wouldn't have been possible without my amazing family. My mum spent her entire Friday baking for me and got up at the crack of dawn on Saturday (which was also her birthday) to make sandwiches and clean. My dad worked his socks off to build the new furniture for my living room, before my guests arrived (which I'll be showing you in another post) and my brother was there to lend a helping hand when we needed him. Over the last few months they've been working tirelessly to get the house ready for me and my little boy and I just can't thank them enough. I've always been close to my family but over the last few months we've grown even closer and I feel so incredibly lucky to have their love and support.

Other pregnant women will know that it can be difficult feeling even the littlest bit fashionable when you're the size of a small house but thanks to this gorgeous seventies inspired dress from ASOS Maternity, I felt wonderful! I'm hoping it's a dress I'll be able to wear for a while after I've had the baby too. The colours in the pattern are really autumnal and I think it'll look lovely paired with my new Chelsea boots (once my feet can actually fit in them #pregnancyproblems).

It was a fun-filled afternoon that I will remember forever and the perfect way to celebrate my pregnancy. I'm now 37+4 days pregnant and can't wait to meet my son. Hopefully he won't make us wait too long!

Maple Holistics Review

One of the things I love most about blogging is discovering new brands, be they makeup, skincare, lifestyle or haircare. Recently Maple Holistics, a company I hadn't come across before, got in touch to see if I wanted to try some of their haircare products. It quickly became obvious why I hadn't heard of them before - they were a US brand but keen to expand my horizons, I was definitely up for seeing what they had to offer!

Something I always look for in a brand is good ethics, so I was very happy to see that Maple Holistics is a cruelty-free, vegan-friendly brand! What's more, they focus on a holistic approach, using natural ingredients in their products.

I was kindly sent the Degrease Moisture Control Shampoo* and the Silk18 Natural Hair Conditioner to try. As excited as I was to try the Degrease shampoo (as I do have the sort of hair that gets greasy fairly quickly) unfortunately I've had to hold off using it for now, as it contains Basil Oil, which you're not supposed to use in pregnancy (as far as I know). I will be reviewing it once I've had my baby but for now you can check out this page to find out more about it.

Thankfully I was able to use the Silk18 Natural Hair Conditioner* and I'm pleased to say I love it! It's a very lightweight, yet effective conditioner that is great for locking moisture in the hair, without making it greasy. The thing I love most about it is it's sweet and calming scent, which has been creating using 100% natural vanilla. It also contains pomegranate, hibiscus and sea buckthorn, which are great for nourishing the hair, repairing damage and boosting the vitamins you need for a healthy shine.

Although I can't find them on their website, Maple Holistics also have a lovely range of lip balms made from natural ingredients, which are paraben-free, GMO-free, gluten-free and soy-free. I got to try the pomegranate flavour and to me it smells and tastes like sweeties, so I love it! Aside from the gorgeous flavour it's also extremely nourishing on the lips and wonderfully soothes the dry lips I seem to have developed during pregnancy.

In addition to these lovely products, Maple Holistic also offer a fantastic range of shampoos and conditoners designed to treat various hair conditions, as well as skincare products and bath and body products, which I'll definitely be looking into trying myself in the future!

Now I know what you're thinking, that's all very well and good but what's the point if I can't buy the products in the UK? Well the good news is that Maple Holistics products are available from Amazon UK and the brand have also told me that they are planning to launch in the UK in the very near future - so if you're into natural, cruelty-free products, I suggest you keep your eyes peeled!

Have you tried any products from Maple Holistics?
*PR Sample