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My Baby Shower

On Saturday 3rd October I had one of the most wonderful days ever. Not only was it my 25th birthday (a quarter of a century - eek!) but it was also my baby shower. When I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted to have a baby shower but I didn't want it to be some big, crazy affair. Instead I wanted an intimate gathering with my bestest friends and that's exactly what was planned!

We decided to go for the traditional blue theme (as I'm having a little boy) but with a retro twist. We served cloudy lemonade and strawberry juice in adorable milk bottles, baked white chocolate topped cakes and offered all sorts of delicious sweets, packed into traditional candy striped bags. Oh and we also made dozens of sandwiches, which went down a treat! My baby shower had a really homemade feel to it. It was relaxed, casual and free from cringeworthy games. The perfect afternoon!

My best friends are spread all over the place, so it was really lovely to get together for a good old giggle and catch up. Not everyone could make it as two of my best friends are currently travelling Australia and others were on holiday but I felt that everyone was there in spirit.

The little Mr was absolutely spoilt by his aunties (thanks chicks!) and I feel so grateful that he will have such wonderful women in his life. I just want to say a special thank you to my best friend Liz, who helped us get set up and treated me to these beautiful Peter Rabbit themed baby shower cupcakes from Cuppa Kaykes.

Even though I'm not really into baby shower games (I can't understand why anyone would want to eat melted chocolate from a nappy *vom*) I thought it would be fun to get my friends to predict when baby would arrive. They all handed their cards in secretly, so only I know who has guessed what at the moment. I can't wait to find out if any of them get it right!

My special day wouldn't have been possible without my amazing family. My mum spent her entire Friday baking for me and got up at the crack of dawn on Saturday (which was also her birthday) to make sandwiches and clean. My dad worked his socks off to build the new furniture for my living room, before my guests arrived (which I'll be showing you in another post) and my brother was there to lend a helping hand when we needed him. Over the last few months they've been working tirelessly to get the house ready for me and my little boy and I just can't thank them enough. I've always been close to my family but over the last few months we've grown even closer and I feel so incredibly lucky to have their love and support.

Other pregnant women will know that it can be difficult feeling even the littlest bit fashionable when you're the size of a small house but thanks to this gorgeous seventies inspired dress from ASOS Maternity, I felt wonderful! I'm hoping it's a dress I'll be able to wear for a while after I've had the baby too. The colours in the pattern are really autumnal and I think it'll look lovely paired with my new Chelsea boots (once my feet can actually fit in them #pregnancyproblems).

It was a fun-filled afternoon that I will remember forever and the perfect way to celebrate my pregnancy. I'm now 37+4 days pregnant and can't wait to meet my son. Hopefully he won't make us wait too long!