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1st Christmas Memento

Seeing as we will soon be celebrating Arthur's first Christmas with us, I wanted to get something to commemorate this special time. A tradition in the Hunt family household is to put baby's first Christmas socks on the tree (something I still need to buy). But as well as this, I've bought a personalised 1st Christmas decoration for Arthur and his grandparents (my mum and dad) who we live with. I thought it'd make a lovely pre-Christmas gift for them to hang on the tree in the lounge.

I think the handmade wooden star design is so cute. It makes a real statement on our tree and is something we'll be able to hang on it every Christmas from now on. I also really liked being able to choose the names Arthur will call his grandparents (gran and grandad) and have them engraved on the decoration, so it's even more personal.

Do you have any special baubles or decorations with a story on your Christmas tree?