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M&S Vanille Épicée candle

Whilst I love both Christmas and candles, I can't say I like traditional Christmas candles all that much. Cinnamon, orange, pine - they're just not scents I really warm too. But when I saw the Vanille Épicée candle at Marks and Spencer, I knew I'd found the Christmas candle for me.

As the name suggests, Vanille Épicée is a spiced vanilla candle with a spicy, sweet scent. It incorporates notes of cinnamon, orange and mandarin but as secondary notes to the spiced vanilla, I actually find them really pleasant. It's a Christmas scent that is warm and inviting but not at all overpowering. I've been burning it in my living room and bathroom and I've received so many compliments from visiting friends!

At £7.50, I'd say it's fairly reasonable for a 200g candle and you can pick it up as part of Marks and Spencer's 3 for 2 gift offer. I'd snap it up quickly though as it's Limited Edition! There's also a number of other lovely looking products in the La Maison De Senteurs range, including a hand wash and hand cream duo with the same spiced vanilla scent. Anything from this range would make wonderful Christmas gifts, as not only are they quality products but also beautifully packaged. I think the candles in particular have a real high end look to them.

I've got to say M&S has been fantastic for Christmas gifts this year - I've already placed two orders! There's so many great gifts on offer, from home fragrances and candles to cruelty-free beauty. The products are very reasonably priced and with offers like 3 for 2, you can save so much money on Christmas presents for your friends and family.

Typically when it came to publishing this post, the Vanille Épicée candle was out of stock but keep an eye out incase it's restocked before Christmas! I'm not sure it will be with it being Limited Edition but there's certainly other beautiful candles in the range for you to choose from, as well as other products with the Vanille Épicée scent.

What's your favourite Christmas candle?