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November Favourites 2015

It's my second to last favourites post of the year and although I've missed a few months here and there, it's still a post I really enjoy putting together.

First up we have the HoneyMania Bubble Bath Melt from The Body Shop. This has to be one of the best smelling, most luxurious bath products I've tried. It's £8 for a 300ml pot and a little goes a long way, so you really get your money's worth. The product itself has a gorgeous creamy texture and it leaves my skin feeling so, so soft. Even though as a new mummy, I only have quick baths these days, I still get a lot of enjoyment out of them, thanks to products like this!

The Cherry Dry Shampoo by Batiste has also become a firm favourite and a new mummy must-have! If I don't have time to wash and blow dry my hair, I simply use this to give my hair another day's wear (so to speak!) Sure you have to rub it in well or it leaves white patches but in terms of getting rid of the grease, it's spot on.

Of course, there's only so many days you can go without washing your hair (mine only tends to last three) so on my hair washing days I've been using the Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day shampoo - something I actually purchased to go in my hospital bag. This has a fresh and fruity scent that is really pleasant and is also suitable for every wash, as it has a no build-up formula. I absolutely love Soap & Glory and the fact they don't test on animals also gets them bonus points from me!

I've not really had a lot of time for makeup since Arthur was born but over the last week or so I've adapted my 'getting ready' routine and managed to throw a few things on my face. I've found multi-purpose products like the Bobbi Brown Brightening Blush to be so useful. Great for adding a flush of colour to the apples of the cheeks and a shimmering highlight to my (non-existent) cheekbones, it's become a staple in my super quick everyday makeup routine.

Last but not least, we have a product I never thought I'd be including in a favourites post and that's a nipple balm. I've been breastfeeding Arthur and although he's latching on and feeding well, that area definitely needs a little extra TLC. The Keep Calm Nipple Balm from Mama Mio contains a blend of medical grade lanolin, organic coconut, olive oils and shea butter. It's both protective and soothing on the nipples and is also safe to use with baby - you don't even need to wipe it off! I'm sure there are probably other great nipple balms out there that are cheaper in price but for me, this is definitely worth the £12 and I will soon be repurchasing it so I don't run out!

So there we have my November favourites. Next month I will be doing a round up of my favourite products of 2015, so be sure to keep an eye out for it!

What was your favourite product in November?