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Bamboo Breast Pads Review

Individually wrapped disposable breast pads have become the bane of my life. Seriously, why do they need to be individually wrapped? When you've got milk dripping from your breasts, the last thing you want to do is spend valuable seconds of your time unwrapping an individually wrapped disposable breast pad. Trust me.

This coupled with having a pretty sore nipple a few weeks back (TMI? sorry-not-sorry) led me to look for other options, namely bamboo breast pads, which I'd heard great things about. These particular ones, the Ana Wiz Bamboo Breast Pads were on offer on Amazon, with the option to buy more or less, depending on your needs.

After trialling the bamboo breast pads, I was initially very impressed. They were so much softer than the disposable pads, making them more sore-nipple-friendly *giggles*. I also found that they soaked leaking milk fairly well. Well, that was until I had major leakage. Yes unfortunately, these bamboo breast pads aren't so great if you're leaking a lot of milk or forget to change your pads very regularly. You end up wetter than you probably would if you hadn't bothered with breast pads in the first place. Whoops!

Another issue I've had with these reusable breast pads is that they're rather large and indiscreet. Their size often results in them crinkling in your bra, leading to rather odd shaped boobs. Odd shaped boobs are fine in the house but odd shaped boobs may get you a few puzzled looks when you're out and about. #JustSaying.

Although I've found a couple of drawbacks with these breast pads, I do really like the fact they're reusable. You can simply pop them in the washing machine and tumble dryer, ready to use again later. There's no wastage like with disposable breast pads and you don't have to faff around opening a wrapper (you can see I'm really troubled by their individually wrappedness).

So have these washable bamboo breast pads become a breastfeeding essential? Unfortunately not. As much as I initially liked the pads (and even raved about them on my Instagram), they're just not practical for me. I find that they get damp too quickly and stay wet, whereas the disposable pads seem to soak up excess milk well and keep you patch-free.

The washable breast pads were great when I was experiencing a little soreness but if I was to use them again, it'd have to be with disposable pads behind them, to eliminate any worries of milk leaking through. So it's back to unwrapping those individually wrapped breast pads. Next time I definitely need to find unwrapped disposable breast pads...I know they exist!

Breast pads, disposable or reusable? What's your preference?