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Copper Craze

If you saw my Living Room Tour post, you'll know that I have a thing for copper. Yes, like every other blogger out there (or so it feels) I've fallen for the copper craze. I have to say though, even if copper went out of fashion tomorrow, I still wouldn't change a thing in my living room. I absolutely love it.

Of course, you can never have enough copper and these gorgeous home accessories from Not On The High Street really caught my eye. The first thing I spotted were these Copper Lantern Lights (£21.00) from Home & Glory. Everyone loves fairy lights but the fact these are copper ones makes them even more special! I think they'd look great draped over my sideboard or even spilling out of a glass bowl.

I already have three cactus plants from Ikea but there's always room for more! Any miniature plants would look great in the Concrete Copper Pots (£19.50). They have a real industrial feel to them and I love the minimalist design.

Onto something a little more fancy! The Copper and Glass Jewellery Box (£16.00) would make a lovely display piece for my living room. I don't really have anywhere I could show off a fancy jewellery box in my bedroom but I don't see why I couldn't have one in my living room. My room, my rules!

Like the jewellery box, the final item I've featured, the Hanging Copper Filigree Frame (£12.00) also has a charming vintage look to it. The frame comes in various different sizes and would be perfect for displaying a picture of me and Arthur on the wall. Out of all the items, this one is highest on my wishlist and with free delivery, I don't think it'll be long before I'm hitting the buy button!

Copper: Love it? Over it? 
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