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Mum and Baby update | 10 weeks

Arthur is 10 weeks old today. 10 whole weeks! How crazy is that?

Although time is flying by so quickly, I really am trying to savour every moment and I feel so lucky to be able to dedicate all of my time to him. Over these last 10 weeks he has changed so, so much. He’s gone from being a tiny, delicate newborn to a charismatic little boy who smiles for his mummy, goes crazy for his play gym and babbles away as he watches his mobile spin. He’s still feeding like a champ and latching on well, which has made breastfeeding all the more enjoyable.

It’s been a couple of weeks since we saw the health visitor, when he weighed 12lb 14 and measured 59cm. I was so proud. Every weight gain feels like such a big achievement, especially as we struggled with feeding in the first few days due to the jaundice. Arthur’s now on the 75th centile and is fitting into some of his 3-6 month clothes already! Everyone always comments on how strong he is. He’s got a fantastic grip and is able to hold his head up for a good few seconds. I'm looking forward to seeing how much he weighs when we go to the clinic.

Although I haven’t noticed any hair loss, parts seem lighter and his eyes also appear to be changing from grey to a chocolate brown. Arthur’s wearing size 3 Naty nappies (which I highly recommend) and has not experienced any nappy rash so far - Water Wipes and Sudocrem seem to be working very well!

There are a lot of things Arthur loves; milk, kisses, cuddles, his bouncer, his play gym and Derek the giraffe are some of his favourite things but he’s not so keen on bath time. It’s not so much being in the bath but when he’s taken out of the bath and wrapped in a towel. Hopefully bath time will be more enjoyable for him as he gets older.

Most of the time he’s extremely smiley. His gummy smile just melts my heart and I adore the gurgles and cooing sounds he makes.

This week I’ve noticed he’s been dribbling a lot and has started taking interest in his Sophie La Giraffe. I’ve also noticed how interested Arthur is when others are eating. He puts his hand to his mouth and usually has to be fed soon after. I think he’ll love it when he’s old enough to sit in his high chair (I’ve bought the Cosatto 3Sixti Circle) and join in at dinnertime.

Arthur’s started sleeping more at night, which initially panicked me! But after a conversation with the HV I was reassured that it was perfectly fine and to enjoy a little more sleep. There’s nothing better than waking up to his little face though. I love how happy he looks to see my face.

In terms of a ‘Mummy update’ I’m feeling pretty good. My episiotomy seems to be healing well (information I’m sure you really wanted to know…or not) and I feel like I’m getting stronger by the day (probably because I’m carrying around a >13lb baby!) I do feel it’s time I cut out the chocolate though (pregnancy, new mum, Christmas…I’ve run out of excuses) and start gently exercising - it is the New Year after all! My stomach isn’t huge by any means but I’m definitely bigger than I was pre-pregnancy and I’d like to get back to my old dress size. I’m not putting pressure on myself or doing any fad diets though. I'm just going to eat better and go on more walks with Arthur in his pram.

I’m still trying to get used to the size of my new mum boobs. A sentence I never thought I’d type! I’ve not had any soreness recently though and my first experiences breastfeeding in public have been a success! Small victories are what I like to call them. Others include getting the Simplifix base in and out of my best friends’ cars (without the help of my dad) and putting up and collapsing the pushchair chassis (review of my Silver Cross Surf 2 coming soon). Small victories are something to be proud of as a new parent – single or not!

So there’s my 10 week baby & post partum update! If you’re also sharing baby or pregnancy updates, send your links my way. They’re some of my favourite posts to read!