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Sunday Scribbles: Happiness

You won't look back on your life and wish you'd spent more time working, sitting at a computer or doing household chores, so you should never feel guilty about doing the things that make you happy to be alive. Here's just a few things that have made me happy this week...

Arthur smiles - There's nothing that fills my heart with joy as much as seeing Arthur smile back at me. To know he loves me and I make him happy is just the best feeling in the entire world.

Countryside walks - When I was pregnant, I kept thinking ahead to the times where I'd be able to take Arthur around the country park in his pram and it's just as wonderful as I imagined. This week we went for a walk around the lake, in the sunshine. It was so beautiful and it made me grateful that I get to live in such a lovely place.

#20BeautifulWomen - I was tagged in the #20BeautifulWomen tag on Instagram last night and it really put a smile on my face. The idea is that you share a photo that makes you feel beautiful and then tag your friends to do the same. I shared the picture above of me and Arthur cuddling, after our first night together in hospital. I really enjoyed browsing the photos other women had shared and reading their beautiful stories. So inspiring.

Tea for two - Drinking tea out of pretty tea cups with my mum and talking about anything and everything. She gets me. I get her. Pure happiness!

What has made you happy this week?