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Today I've woken with mixed emotions; joyful to see in the New Year with my beautiful son but sad to say goodbye for now to my gorgeous Thomas cat, who passed away this morning. He was a lovely little cat, with such a big personality. He saw and experienced a lot during his 17 years on Earth, including 3 house moves, 2 new dogs (who he ruled over) and more recently a new baby. He saw me grow up from being a young girl to a woman and a mother. He was playful, clumsy, brave, bold and loving.

We will miss him greatly and I will remember him fondly; especially cradling him and his little sister Tabetha in my arms, the night we bought them home. I love that he enjoyed smoked salmon as his last treat and died at home, knowing that all the people that loved him most were close. He's gone to join little Tabby now and I know he'll be at peace.

Thomas, you were a big part of our little family and we love you so very much.