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Mother's Day Gifts - £10 & Under

It's Mother's Day on Sunday, so if you haven't already found the perfect gift for your mum, here are a few lovely ideas that won't break the bank!

1. Next Boutique Votive Candle Collection - £10 | You can't go wrong with pretty candles! This set features 2 candy fragrances, 2 love fragrances and 2 glam fragrances. That doesn't give you great insight into the actual scents but I'm sure they'll be lovely (and if not, at least they look super pretty haha!)

2. Paperchase Recipe Book - £10 | If your mum is into cooking or baking, why not treat her to a recipe book? I thought it would be such a special idea to get her to write down all of her favourites so she can pass them onto you in years to come.

3. M&S Limited Edition Face Palette - £10 | One for makeup-loving mums! I can't get enough of Marks and Spencer's makeup at the moment. It's great quality and not tested on animals.

4. Royal Jelly Cream Bath Decanter (M&S) - £8 | I had to put this in as Royal Jelly is one of my mum's favourite brands! I bought her this decanter for Christmas as it's so beautiful and makes bath time that little bit more of a luxury.

5. Mum in a Million Mug (Paperchase) - £6 | You can't go wrong with a mum mug! This one is so cute and is sure to put a smile on her face.

What are you getting your mum for Mother's Day?
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A Year On Since Those Two Lines Appeared

I can't believe I'm saying this but it's been a year since I got my first positive pregnancy test. It took four tests (including an expensive Clear Blue test) for me to actually believe I was having a baby. It was the best surprise in the world; I've always wanted to be a mum but I still bawled my eyes out in absolute fear of the massive journey ahead of me. I think it's quite normal for women to cry when they find out they're pregnant and not just with happiness but because they're frightened. I was frightened. Being a mum is a huge responsibility and I knew it was going to be something that changed my life forever.

Arthur, my world...
A year on and I can honestly say that because of Arthur, my life has changed in all the best possible ways. He's such a beautiful, intelligent little boy and I feel so proud to be his mummy. He's almost four months old now and whilst time has flown by, at the same time I feel like I've known him forever. Sure, being a mummy isn't always easy and you certainly have a billion new worries that you didn't have before but I wouldn't swap it for the world. I feel so lucky and the love I feel for my little boy grows stronger every day.

Because of Arthur, the relationships I have with my family and friends are stronger than ever before. I know some people lose their friends when they're the first to have a baby but I had no doubt whatsoever that my friends would stand by me. I feel so lucky to have them in my life and when I was packing away some of the clothes Arthur's grown out of last weekend, I couldn't help but smile thinking that some of their little ones will be wearing them one day.

Being pregnant and then becoming a new mummy has also led me to making new friends in the blogging community and inspired me to take my blog in a new direction. Whilst I still very much enjoy creating beauty and lifestyle posts, Arthur is the biggest and most important part of my life, so it only seemed natural that pregnancy, baby and parenting posts would appear here too. I feel like the baby-related content has given Seek My Scribbles a whole new lease of life and certainly helped me find joy in blogging again.

A year has passed since my pregnancy and motherhood journey began, so I thought now was a good time to share a little round up of the posts I've created so far, along with my favourite mummy and baby blogs...

Pregnancy Posts

Baby and Parenting Posts

Baby Hauls and Wishlists

Baby Product Reviews

Favourite Mummy and Baby Blogs

You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter for regular mum and baby updates. I'm looking forward to sharing all the exciting things I'll experience as a mother with you in months and years to come.

Wow. What a year it's been!


The Return of the Scrunchie

Until last week, I don't think I'd worn a hair scrunchie since circa 2004, maybe even earlier? They were all the rage when I was growing up - the bigger, brighter and fluffier the better. There was even a time when girls would wear multiple scrunchies in their hair in three shades of pink, purple or blue. New Look sold them as a pack of three, so why not pile them onto your scraped back hair bun all at once? Oh and not forgetting those two gelled strands of hair at the front - the perfect finishing touch...or so we thought at the time.

Anyway, as I was saying, it's been a hell of a long time since I wore a hair scrunchie but do you know what, I'm actually rather loving them right now! Ever since having Arthur, a high ponytail has become my go-to 'mum hairstyle' (if you like). It's quick, means I don't have to wash my hair every day (ain't got time for that) and stops Arthur from pulling it out. Oh and it prevents it from getting covered in milk posset post-feed. All very valid reasons if you ask me!

Well on a little trip to a baby singing class last week I noticed that quite a few other mums were rocking a ponytail (clearly for the same reasons) but one stood out to me, with her beautiful hair bow scrunchie. I felt like I was ten years old all over again and needing to copy the coolest girl in the class. So after the session was over and I'd sung my heart out to Twinkle, Twinkle and The Pirate Song (my personal favourite) I hurried my mum and Arthur over to Primark so I could pick up a pack of hair bow scrunchies. And do you know what, I was spoilt for choice! So much so that one pack of scrunchies wasn't enough, I needed two. I'm now the proud owner of four scrunchies, a red, a black and two patterned ones. I feel like they've completely transformed my boring mum hair. £3.00 well spent!

But don't worry, just because scrunchies have returned into my life, it doesn't mean the two gelled strands of hair will be joining them. Some things are definitely better left in our early teens.


Daily Makeup Staples

I like to keep my makeup fairly simple these days; usually applying it in about five minutes, while Arthur is napping or entertaining himself on his Kick 'n' Play gym. These are my current daily makeup staples - the products I reach for time and time again, as they really work for me.

I've not worn foundation for quite a while now, instead opting for a lighter BB cream. My skin has been really good since falling pregnant and having Arthur. I'm starting to think that it's something to do with me feeling happier and less stressed? Whatever the reason, I love being able to wear a base with lighter coverage. The Body Shop All-In-One BB cream is a fairly recent purchase of mine but one I instantly loved. It looks a funny grey colour when you squeeze it from the tube but the colour adapts to your skin tone upon application. The lightest shade 00 is a great match for me and I find the BB cream offers a lovely dewy glow.

My two concealer favourites both come from Autograph at M&S. I use the Ultimate Wear Concealer stick to hide any little blemishes and the Illuminating Touch Concealer under my eyes to disguise dark circles and add a subtle highlight.

Another of my daily makeup staples is this gorgeous eyeshadow palette, which also happens to be from the Autograph M&S makeup line. All of the shades are so wearable and gorgeous but my current favourite is the coppery shade. I apply it to the lids and underneath my lower lash line, before adding a couple of coats of the Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara. This mascara does the job though I wouldn't say it's a favourite - just a sample I'm using up. Sometimes I'll finish off the eyes with the Supercat Eyeliner Pen from Soap & Glory (not pictured), it all depends on how much time I have / how lazy I'm feeling!

For cheeks I like to keep it super simple, using the rosy pink blush from the Autograph palette on the apples and applying theBalm Mary Lou Manizer on my (rather hidden) cheekbones. My eyebrow routine is also really simple, as I literally have no idea when it comes to brows. I tend to just apply a small amount of the darker shade from The Body Shop Brow & Liner Kit using the Real Techniques eyebrow brush. I should probably get expert advice on what I need to do to my brows to make them more fabulous (and jump on the brow obsession bandwagon) but it's not really high on my list of priorities these days.

Finally, I finish my oh-so-simple daily makeup routine with the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade Milan. I find the colour really hard to describe; it's kind of a mauve pink but brighter than you think it's going to be. It's probably easier you just look at the swatch here!

What are your current daily makeup staples? 
Share them below in the comments or tweet me @meganjane03 to carry on the conversation!

Things a new mummy will appreciate most

When thinking of a gift for a brand new mummy, what's the first thing that pops into your head? Flowers, right? Well as much as I love a beautiful bunch of flowers, when you've just had your baby and arrived home from hospital, the last thing you want to have to think about is flower arranging! Well it was in my case anyway. So with this in mind I've come up with a few things you could offer a new mummy that she will appreciate most...

Food - My best friend Hannah was kind enough to make vegetable curry for all of my family, to save us cooking a couple of meals, which was such a lovely idea. Something thoughtful like this can make such a difference to a new mummy! I also think bringing her snacks will go down a treat. She's not going to care about her post-baby-body just yet, so chocolates or you know, something more substantial that she can snack on whilst feeding baby will get a big thumbs up.

Drinks-making-skills - Just because a new mummy has said yes to visitors, it doesn't mean she's up to playing host! Let her sit there and cuddle her baby while you make the pot of tea. She'll happily let you take over, trust me.

Baby holding - If she's a family member or best friend, why not see if she wants to pop for a quick soak in the bath while you cuddle the little one? A bath might be just want she needs to feel human again!

Time to go through her entire birth story - I can't speak for all new mummies but one thing I absolutely loved sharing with my friends when they visited was my birth story and the fact they were all so interested and asking questions made it even more special for me. New mummies feel like superheroes after giving birth (and so they should!) so let them speak proudly of their achievement - no matter how long winded their story might seem.

Personal message in a card - I can hardly remember opening my cards from friends, as it's all such a blur and at the time, I certainly didn't take in all of the beautiful and meaningful messages inside as I was absolutely shattered. But now, I love getting the cards out of my memory box and reading through all of the personal messages to Arthur and me. A few kind words can make a wonderful gift.

And finally...If you can't resist buying her a bunch of flowers (because it feels so unnatural to turn up without them) then make sure you grab a vase, fill it up with water, chop the ends off the stems and throw in the flower feeder. She'll thank her lucky stars she's got you.

Have you got any to add? 
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Favourite Pins #01

This last month I've fallen back in love with Pinterest so what better time to share a roundup of my favourite Pins! If you follow me on Pinterest, you'll see I've got a number of boards covering everything from beauty and baby to blogging and things that tickle me. I love using Pinterest for gathering inspiration and learning but also for it's aesthetic beauty too. I take great pleasure in creating my boards - it makes me feel all organised (even though I'm totally unorganised 99% of the time!) Here's a quick roundup of the pins I've been loving this month...

Nothing Can Dim The Light That Shines Within | On my 'Answers on a postcard' board I like to pin quotes that inspire me or those I can relate to. I love going back to read them and sharing them on social media when the mood takes me. This quote by Maya Angelou really resounded with me. You ain't dimming my light!

Styling Images For Instagram | I really want to up my social media game this year, so I've been reading all sorts of 'tips' posts and pinning them on my Blogging board. I'm always so inspired by other bloggers' Instagram posts (you can't beat a flawless flat lay) and this post was great for giving me some tips, which I'm hopefully putting into practice.

8 Common Mascara Mistakes You're Probably Making | I'm always partial to beauty tips as even though I've been wearing makeup for years, I wouldn't say I'm particularly great at applying it. This post has some really handy hints and pointers for mascara application. For instance, I've never thought of applying my mascara to the bottom lashes first to save the top ones from printing onto my eyelid and I've always pumped the wand, which is apparently a big no no. Who knew?!

Copper Oliver Bonas Mug | After seeing this on Josie's blog, I had to add it to my Wishlist board. It's copper and it's oh-so-beautiful. It'd look lovely in my living room, with its copper accents.

Grey & Pink Living Space | If you saw my recent post titled 'Beautifying My Bedroom' you'll know that I'm considering a monochrome and pink colour scheme and this Pin has inspired me to perhaps add in some copper accents to this room too! Also, I'm loving the Swiss Cross blanket. Does anyone know where I can get one that won't cost me a small fortune?

For more of my favourite Pins, follow me on Pinterest @meganjane03 & feel free to comment below with your Pinterest links. I'm always on the lookout for beautiful boards to follow!


1 Second Everyday App

When I first had Arthur, one of my best friends Kate told me about an app I could use to capture little snapshots of him, so I'd be able to look back and see how he'd changed from day to day. It's called 1 Second Everyday and it's such a good app that I wanted to share it with you!

The concept is really simple, you basically use the app to capture a short one second clip of your life each day and then it stitches them together to create a video. You can review your progress at any time and it's so lovely getting to watch those special moments back. I think it's a wonderful app for parents wanting to snap quick clips of their baby to look back on but you could film anything you like. You also have the option to use images instead, which I've done for the days I've photographed Arthur but forgotten to video him!

The app is free to download from the iTunes App Store and is also available on Android.

Have you tried the 1SE app? What did you think of it?
Disclaimer: This post was NOT sponsored.
 I just wanted to share a post about an app I love!

The £6 Mugs for Biscuit Lovers

If you read my Favourite Feelings post the other day, you'll know how much I love my coffee. At the moment I'm limiting myself to one cup a day as I'm breastfeeding but in my opinion, decaffeinated coffee is just as good. What makes a cup of coffee even better is a cute mug, so when I saw these biscuit mugs, I simply couldn't resist adding them to my basket!
Perfect for biscuit lovers, the mugs feature a Jammy Dodger, Bourbon, Party Ring and Custard Cream, as well as a funny little slogan. I think my favourite has to be 'I Know How To Party.' They're made from china and are dishwasher safe - pretty good if you ask me, considering they cost just £6.00 for a set of four, from Tesco Direct. I feel like other websites would charge way more than that for these mugs, so if you like them, snap them up while you can!


Farewell Maternity Jeans

I'm pleased to announce that I have now stepped out of my trusty Next maternity jeans for good. You'd think after months of wearing maternity jeans I'd be desperate to wear anything else but I'd grown quite fond of them and they had sort of become my comfort blanket. You see, over the bump jeans are really comfortable, not like your average jeans. Obviously when you're pregnant the over the bump bit is great for support but postpartum I also felt it helped to tuck in what I liked to call my 'Kanga Pouch.' My absolutely huge bump quickly shrunk after giving birth to Arthur, however I still didn't have the confidence to let go of my maternity jeans.

That all changed last week when I decided that it was time to delve back into the world of real jeans (without bump bands). I ordered a gorgeous pair of F&F ripped skinny jeans in a size 14 (a size up from my pre-pregnancy size) and do you know what, they were actually too big! I kept them anyway, thinking they'd be okay but I've now ended up buying a pair of size 12 jeans, which fit like a dream and make me feel amazing. Don't get me wrong, I've still got weight to lose and a hell of a lot of toning up to do but I'm honestly happy with my body after baby, stretch marks and all. I'm in no rush to get back to the size 10 I was once upon a time and as a breastfeeding mum, fad diets aren't on the cards for me. I'm just going to carry on the way I have been (albeit with a few extra walks and fitness DVDs thrown in) and see how it goes. I honestly think breastfeeding has helped me massively though. It triggers contractions after you've given birth that help to shrink the womb and burns extra calories to make milk.

I guess one thing I've struggled with since giving birth is knowing what clothes to wear. I'm not just talking about leaving my maternity clothes behind but rediscovering my sense of fashion and style. Before I got pregnant I was all about pretty dresses and tights. Now I can't think of anything more uncomfortable to wear in the day time and seem to be all about jeans, stripy tees (a forever favourite) and roll neck jumpers instead. Pregnancy and child birth definitely changes you, as well as your body and there will probably come a point when you decide it's time to rediscover or re-invent yourself. I'm currently in the process of working out what is 'me' and I've got to say, it's quite fun! I'm even contemplating a hair colour change to mark the occasion! Now that is pushing the boat out...

Roll Neck Jumper // Skinny Ripped High Waisted Jeans // Toggle Handbag // Striped Top

Have any other mums struggled to ditch their maternity wear after giving birth?
How many of you felt a change of style was necessary?
Leave me a comment or tweet me to carry on the conversation!

My Favourite Feelings

I recently read a really lovely post on More Mindful You about her fifteen favourite feelings. It was such a cute idea that I thought I'd share fifteen of my own favourite feelings and encourage you to do the same!

1. Giggles and smiles from Arthur
2. Making my family proud
3. The first sip of coffee in the morning
4. Laughing with mum
5. Hugging my best friends after weeks (often months) gone by
6. When a new outfit fits perfectly
7. Watching my dogs run free down the trail
8. Perfect eyeliner flicks
9. A tidy room
10. Milk drunk baby face
11. Christmas Eve & Christmas Morning
12. A kind tweet about a blog post
13. Seeing Arthur do something new
14. Morning cuddles with my son
15. Knowing I've made a good decision

What are your favourite feelings?
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My Mum's Book Release Day!

Just a quick post to let you know that my mum's book, The Dangerous Gift, which I spoke about in this post, is now available to buy! I'm so proud of her and wanted to share the great news with you here on my blog. If you enjoy a good Romantic Suspense, then hit the buy button and give it a read!

The Dangerous Gift Blurb...

After a tragic plane crash kills Jennie Taylor’s guardians, she returns to her childhood home—and her first love, Jared Stewart.

At just eighteen years old, Jennie had left the Unicorn Ranch in Texas to seek a life in the outside world. But she wasn’t just running toward independence. Heartbroken and confused, Jennie fled her home after Jared harshly rejected her on the eve of her birthday.

Now she must choose between making a new life on the ranch she has grown to love, or returning to her simple but empty life in England. The choice seems obvious at first, but nothing in life is simple… 

Jared is forced to share control of his beloved ranch with the woman he wants but can't have.

When Jennie receives an anonymous note, she goes to Jared for support. But what she finds is more than she was prepared for, driving the two further apart than ever. When an old friend is murdered and suspicious accidents escalate, endangering Jennie’s safety, Jared becomes her reluctant protector.

Jennie knows Jared is hiding something, but does he really want her gone from the ranch? And if so, could he be the one behind the ominous threats?

Determined to prove Jared isn't involved, Jennie turns detective. Can she succeed in her courageous but reckless investigation…or is the truth a dangerous gift she won’t survive?

The Dangerous Gift is available as both an eBook and Paperback and can be purchased from one of the sites below...

Be sure to check out my mum's blog too & follow her on GoodReads!


Radiant Skin in a Tube

Along with the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, the Botanics Radiance Balm is a 'top product of the moment' for me but I completely forgot to include it in my January favourites! If you feel your complexion is looking a little dull and could do with an extra boost, this offers radiant skin in a nice squeezy tube.

The Botanics All Bright Radiance Balm is designed to minimise visible signs of fatigue and stress, leaving the skin radiant and full of vitality. It's made with Hibiscus, known for it's brightening properties and also contains natural AHA's (alpha hydroxyl acids) which act as a gentle exfoliator.

I tend to apply this with my fingers, over the top of my moisturiser, before my BB cream or sometimes I'll mix a little with my BB cream and apply it with a brush instead. It offers a lovely pink-toned illuminating glow, which leaves the skin looking so radiant and beautiful. Applying the Radiance Balm has become an important step in my skincare / makeup routine as I feel it makes such a difference to my overall appearance.

Reviews on the Boots website compare this balm to the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm and MAC Strobe Cream. Whilst I haven't tried the other products myself, it's great to know that a £5.99 product compares well to the likes of these much more expensive brands!

If you're interested in giving the Botanics All Bright Radiance Balm a go yourself, it's currently part of Boots' 3-for-2 skincare offer. A little goes a long way, so it's a product you'll really get your money's worth from.

What's your top beauty product for radiant skin? 
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Beautifying My Bedroom

When doing up the house last year, we concentrated on getting my living room and Arthur's nursery absolutely perfect. I'd say we did a pretty good job and by we, I mean my mum and dad. I basically said what I wanted and they were kind enough to do it all for me - I was very pregnant by that point, not lazy, I promise!

Although we gave my bedroom a lick of white paint (that I did help with as it was earlier on in my pregnancy) and put down new flooring, it kind of got pushed aside in my mind when it came to giving it style and character. But after falling back in love with Pinterest this week, I'm feeling oh-so-inspired again and ready to beautify my bedroom.

So, if you haven't guessed by the images in this post, I'm thinking of going for a monochrome and blush pink colour scheme. I want to keep it quite minimalist but at the same time, it needs to feel inviting and cosy. I think blush pink accents will achieve that perfectly!

In my head, I'm picturing a wall of prints and white bedding with blush pink and monochrome cushions. I'm dying to get my hands on a Swiss cross print throw for my bed but I can't for the life of me find one that isn't 1) A baby blanket or 2) £100+. HELP?!

H&M has some gorgeous cushion covers and accessories, like the pink wire basket, which I'm planning on having next to my bed filled with things like my Kindle, diary, notebooks etc. etc and the pretty pink candles, because let's face it, every beautiful bedroom needs candles. I also want to put up a couple of shelves (Ha! if we're being realistic - I'll ask my dad to put up a couple of shelves) and get a few trinkets and fancy photo frames to jazz things up.

I think just a few simple changes will turn my rather bland looking bedroom into something quite beautiful! What do you think? Oh and if you want to recommend any Pinterest accounts for me to follow, go ahead and do your thing. Home interiors, beauty, quotes, I want to see it all!

Image credits: VANMARIEL // H&M // They All Hate Us //

5 Tips For A Brand New Mummy

I've only been a mama for just over three months so I'm no expert but having experienced the newborn stage I wanted to share five little tips for any mamas-to-be and new mummies out there. The tips are very simple and you might even have heard them a thousand times already but it doesn't hurt to keep them in mind!

1. Don't bother with newborn outfits | Buy sleepsuits and vests instead. You'll find it hard enough dressing and undressing your baby a million times a day, when it's all new to you, let alone if you throw complicated outfits into the mix! Make it simple for yourself. Oh and don't buy too much newborn stuff - they don't stay that tiny for long!

2. Say YES to help | You don't have to do everything yourself. It doesn't make you any less of an awesome mum! If a family member offers to cook, clean, do your washing, cuddle your baby while you shower, say "YES, YES PLEASE."

3. But don't be afraid to say no | Everyone is going to want to pay you a visit when your little one has arrived safely but if you're not ready for visitors, don't be afraid to say no. Your extended family and friends will understand if you need a few days (or longer!) just to be with your baby. I ended up switching off my phone for a couple of days just because I wanted time to adjust to my new mummy life. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that at all.

4. Talk it out | You're going to have all sorts of new worries as a new mummy, so talk them out with someone close to you. From the colour of baby poo to milk posets and sore nipples - you can talk to other mummies about all these things without them looking at you with a strange look on their face! Having people to talk to can be really reassuring when everything is so new.

5. Enjoy it | If you're anything like me and the majority of other new mummies, you won't get much done with a newborn (only baby things) and that's perfectly fine. You won't get this time back, so enjoy every moment! You'll never look back on your life and think, gah I should have put that extra load of washing in, will you? So don't stress about the small things. You're doing great.


NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

Dare I say it...I think I may have found my favourite ever lip product in the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams! That's a really bold statement to make I know but it's so unlike me to buy a lip product in multiple colours because I love it so much! And for it to be a matte lip product is even more surprising! I've never gotten along with matte lip products in the past as I've always found them so drying.

The NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams (£5.50 from Boots) are just on another level for me. The shade range is stunning, the formula is long lasting and the 'matte-ness' isn't drying in the slightest. They're virtually weightless on the lips and offer a gorgeous pop of colour. I can't rave about them enough!

So far I own three of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams: Amsterdam, Istanbul and Milan. Amsterdam is a stunning blue-toned red that will suit most skin tones. It's my first choice for days when I want a bold lip to go with my simple winged eyeliner. Istanbul is a pretty pale pink shade. I wasn't sure it'd actually suit me but I was pleasantly surprised!

My favourite shade though has to be Milan, a mauve pink that I featured in my January Favourites post. I feel like it really suits my complexion and adds a special finishing touch to my everyday makeup looks.

I know I'm really late jumping on the bandwagon with these but I'm so glad I've finally discovered them! I've got my eye on so many of the other shades so I don't imagine it'll be long before I'm expanding my Soft Matte Lip Creams collection.


Calming Colouring

Colouring is a huge craze right now but it's one I'm happy to join in with. I find colouring so calming; it helps me to relax and wind down, particularly when I need to go to sleep but my brain is still whirring with thoughts and ideas. Occasionally I'll colour while feeding Arthur instead of watching or reading something.

The Enchanted Forest colouring book by Johanna Basford (£4.99 here) is simply beautiful. There are pages and pages of stunning inky drawings to colour in, along with hidden objects to find. I'm still colouring the title page so you can imagine how long it's going to take me to complete the whole book. I think Arthur will have started colouring himself by the time I'm close to finishing!

As you can see, I'm definitely not the neatest when it comes to colouring in but I don't think that really matters. I could spend time erasing my mistakes with the rubbers on my Staedtler colouring pencils but ain't nobody got time for that! The Staedtler colouring pencils are super lovely. I have a pack of 24 and the colour selection is beautiful. You could use felt tip pens instead but if you're a crappy 'colourer' like me, I say stick to the pencils!


January Favourites 2016

1. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in 'Milan'
I think I've finally found a matte lip product I actually get on with! The NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams are beautifully formulated, long lasting and available in a range of gorgeous shades from nudes to pinks, berries and reds. The shade 'Milan' is a mauvey pink colour, perfect for everyday wear. I find it really brightens my entire makeup look and gives my lips a boost. I'll be popping up a full review of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams later this week.

2. Black Musk Eau De Parfum
The Body Shop's Black Musk Eau De Parfum is my go-to fragrance. It's a sweet, yet sexy vanilla-based scent, which lasts for hours on the skin. It's made with cruelty-free ingredients and also has a gorgeous display-worthy bottle. You can read my full review of it here.

3. Lottie London Lip Balm
The cold always leaves my lips a little worse for wear so a good lip balm is one of my winter essentials. At the moment I'm loving the Caramel Apple flavoured lip balm from Lottie London. It's great for nourishing the lips and also comes in a cute (and super handy) ball design.

4. Sanctuary Spa Luxury Signature Room Mist
The Sanctuary Spa signature scent is my absolute favourite, so I was delighted to receive it in room mist form for Christmas. The signature scent features many of my favourites, including vanilla, bergamot, patchouli and sandalwood. It's uplifting, yet relaxing and a couple of spritz will leave your room beautifully scented for most of the day.

5. Sanctuary Spa Therapist's Secret Facial Oil
Featured recently in my Glow & Boost post, the Sanctuary Therapist's Secret Facial Oil has become a firm staple in both my morning and evening skincare routines. It's perfect for giving my skin an extra boost of hydration, leaving it looking healthy and glowing (even when I'm a tired old mummy!)

What were your January favourites?

Boobbix Cookies for Breastfeeding Mums

Breastfeeding isn't easy. You're bound to hear how natural and wonderful it is but that's usually from mothers that have been doing it for months and months. I've been doing it for just over three months and yes, for me it's now natural and wonderful but I can still remember the very beginning and just how bloody hard it was! (Side note: It's totally worth it though!)

Breastfeeding problems are fairly common so if you're finding it difficult - you're not alone. I found it really difficult to get Arthur to latch on to start with, as jaundice made him super sleepy. It took patience and perseverance to get it right but we got there together and that's something I feel so proud of. I have absolutely nothing against formula feeding but breastfeeding is something I really wanted to do, so I'm glad I stuck at it.

Another breastfeeding problem some mums struggle with is maintaining their milk supply. Thankfully, this isn't a problem I've faced so far but it's good to know that if I did have this problem in the future, there are products out there to help.

Boobbix Lactation Cookies* are designed to boost breast milk supply naturally. They're (mostly) organic, packed full of vitamins and nutrients and also happen to come in five tasty flavours; Chocolate Chip & Oat, Cranberry & Almond, Date & Ginger, Oatmeal & Raisin and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip.

The individually wrapped cookies (perfect for popping in your handbag) contain four main ingredients: oats, flaxseed, Brewer's yeast and fenugreek. These are Galactagogues, which basically means they increase milk supply. The cookies are also great for giving you an extra boost of energy, which no mum should pass up on! If you're breastfeeding, you'll be burning around 300-500 extra calories a day, so one or two cookies, with a cup of tea or in my case - a decaf latte, will certainly help to keep you going.

Having tried the Chocolate Chip & Oat cookies myself, I'm pleased to say they're very yummy! If I'm being super picky, there's perhaps just a touch too much cinnamon for me - but I think most people actually love cinnamon! The lactation cookies have a lovely texture and definitely hit the spot when you're in need of a quick snack in between nursing, changing, cuddling and playing with your little one. I really like how the cookies are packaged (very informative) and the fact they're individually wrapped keeps them nice and fresh.

As mentioned earlier, I have quite a lot of milk at the moment, so it's personally hard for me to judge how much these cookies have boosted my supply but I've read fantastic things about them on the blogs of other breastfeeding mums. With this in mind, I wanted to share them with you, as I really believe they could help breastfeeding mums out there who are perhaps in need of something to aid them in maintaining and boosting their milk supply.

Boobbix Lactation Cookies are priced at £10.50 a box and can be purchased here. More information can be found about the cookies and their ingredients on the Boobbix website.


*Item sent in exchange for an honest review. 
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