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A Year On Since Those Two Lines Appeared

I can't believe I'm saying this but it's been a year since I got my first positive pregnancy test. It took four tests (including an expensive Clear Blue test) for me to actually believe I was having a baby. It was the best surprise in the world; I've always wanted to be a mum but I still bawled my eyes out in absolute fear of the massive journey ahead of me. I think it's quite normal for women to cry when they find out they're pregnant and not just with happiness but because they're frightened. I was frightened. Being a mum is a huge responsibility and I knew it was going to be something that changed my life forever.

Arthur, my world...
A year on and I can honestly say that because of Arthur, my life has changed in all the best possible ways. He's such a beautiful, intelligent little boy and I feel so proud to be his mummy. He's almost four months old now and whilst time has flown by, at the same time I feel like I've known him forever. Sure, being a mummy isn't always easy and you certainly have a billion new worries that you didn't have before but I wouldn't swap it for the world. I feel so lucky and the love I feel for my little boy grows stronger every day.

Because of Arthur, the relationships I have with my family and friends are stronger than ever before. I know some people lose their friends when they're the first to have a baby but I had no doubt whatsoever that my friends would stand by me. I feel so lucky to have them in my life and when I was packing away some of the clothes Arthur's grown out of last weekend, I couldn't help but smile thinking that some of their little ones will be wearing them one day.

Being pregnant and then becoming a new mummy has also led me to making new friends in the blogging community and inspired me to take my blog in a new direction. Whilst I still very much enjoy creating beauty and lifestyle posts, Arthur is the biggest and most important part of my life, so it only seemed natural that pregnancy, baby and parenting posts would appear here too. I feel like the baby-related content has given Seek My Scribbles a whole new lease of life and certainly helped me find joy in blogging again.

A year has passed since my pregnancy and motherhood journey began, so I thought now was a good time to share a little round up of the posts I've created so far, along with my favourite mummy and baby blogs...

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Favourite Mummy and Baby Blogs

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Wow. What a year it's been!