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Beautifying My Bedroom

When doing up the house last year, we concentrated on getting my living room and Arthur's nursery absolutely perfect. I'd say we did a pretty good job and by we, I mean my mum and dad. I basically said what I wanted and they were kind enough to do it all for me - I was very pregnant by that point, not lazy, I promise!

Although we gave my bedroom a lick of white paint (that I did help with as it was earlier on in my pregnancy) and put down new flooring, it kind of got pushed aside in my mind when it came to giving it style and character. But after falling back in love with Pinterest this week, I'm feeling oh-so-inspired again and ready to beautify my bedroom.

So, if you haven't guessed by the images in this post, I'm thinking of going for a monochrome and blush pink colour scheme. I want to keep it quite minimalist but at the same time, it needs to feel inviting and cosy. I think blush pink accents will achieve that perfectly!

In my head, I'm picturing a wall of prints and white bedding with blush pink and monochrome cushions. I'm dying to get my hands on a Swiss cross print throw for my bed but I can't for the life of me find one that isn't 1) A baby blanket or 2) £100+. HELP?!

H&M has some gorgeous cushion covers and accessories, like the pink wire basket, which I'm planning on having next to my bed filled with things like my Kindle, diary, notebooks etc. etc and the pretty pink candles, because let's face it, every beautiful bedroom needs candles. I also want to put up a couple of shelves (Ha! if we're being realistic - I'll ask my dad to put up a couple of shelves) and get a few trinkets and fancy photo frames to jazz things up.

I think just a few simple changes will turn my rather bland looking bedroom into something quite beautiful! What do you think? Oh and if you want to recommend any Pinterest accounts for me to follow, go ahead and do your thing. Home interiors, beauty, quotes, I want to see it all!

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