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Calming Colouring

Colouring is a huge craze right now but it's one I'm happy to join in with. I find colouring so calming; it helps me to relax and wind down, particularly when I need to go to sleep but my brain is still whirring with thoughts and ideas. Occasionally I'll colour while feeding Arthur instead of watching or reading something.

The Enchanted Forest colouring book by Johanna Basford (£4.99 here) is simply beautiful. There are pages and pages of stunning inky drawings to colour in, along with hidden objects to find. I'm still colouring the title page so you can imagine how long it's going to take me to complete the whole book. I think Arthur will have started colouring himself by the time I'm close to finishing!

As you can see, I'm definitely not the neatest when it comes to colouring in but I don't think that really matters. I could spend time erasing my mistakes with the rubbers on my Staedtler colouring pencils but ain't nobody got time for that! The Staedtler colouring pencils are super lovely. I have a pack of 24 and the colour selection is beautiful. You could use felt tip pens instead but if you're a crappy 'colourer' like me, I say stick to the pencils!