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Farewell Maternity Jeans

I'm pleased to announce that I have now stepped out of my trusty Next maternity jeans for good. You'd think after months of wearing maternity jeans I'd be desperate to wear anything else but I'd grown quite fond of them and they had sort of become my comfort blanket. You see, over the bump jeans are really comfortable, not like your average jeans. Obviously when you're pregnant the over the bump bit is great for support but postpartum I also felt it helped to tuck in what I liked to call my 'Kanga Pouch.' My absolutely huge bump quickly shrunk after giving birth to Arthur, however I still didn't have the confidence to let go of my maternity jeans.

That all changed last week when I decided that it was time to delve back into the world of real jeans (without bump bands). I ordered a gorgeous pair of F&F ripped skinny jeans in a size 14 (a size up from my pre-pregnancy size) and do you know what, they were actually too big! I kept them anyway, thinking they'd be okay but I've now ended up buying a pair of size 12 jeans, which fit like a dream and make me feel amazing. Don't get me wrong, I've still got weight to lose and a hell of a lot of toning up to do but I'm honestly happy with my body after baby, stretch marks and all. I'm in no rush to get back to the size 10 I was once upon a time and as a breastfeeding mum, fad diets aren't on the cards for me. I'm just going to carry on the way I have been (albeit with a few extra walks and fitness DVDs thrown in) and see how it goes. I honestly think breastfeeding has helped me massively though. It triggers contractions after you've given birth that help to shrink the womb and burns extra calories to make milk.

I guess one thing I've struggled with since giving birth is knowing what clothes to wear. I'm not just talking about leaving my maternity clothes behind but rediscovering my sense of fashion and style. Before I got pregnant I was all about pretty dresses and tights. Now I can't think of anything more uncomfortable to wear in the day time and seem to be all about jeans, stripy tees (a forever favourite) and roll neck jumpers instead. Pregnancy and child birth definitely changes you, as well as your body and there will probably come a point when you decide it's time to rediscover or re-invent yourself. I'm currently in the process of working out what is 'me' and I've got to say, it's quite fun! I'm even contemplating a hair colour change to mark the occasion! Now that is pushing the boat out...

Roll Neck Jumper // Skinny Ripped High Waisted Jeans // Toggle Handbag // Striped Top

Have any other mums struggled to ditch their maternity wear after giving birth?
How many of you felt a change of style was necessary?
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