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Favourite Pins #01

This last month I've fallen back in love with Pinterest so what better time to share a roundup of my favourite Pins! If you follow me on Pinterest, you'll see I've got a number of boards covering everything from beauty and baby to blogging and things that tickle me. I love using Pinterest for gathering inspiration and learning but also for it's aesthetic beauty too. I take great pleasure in creating my boards - it makes me feel all organised (even though I'm totally unorganised 99% of the time!) Here's a quick roundup of the pins I've been loving this month...

Nothing Can Dim The Light That Shines Within | On my 'Answers on a postcard' board I like to pin quotes that inspire me or those I can relate to. I love going back to read them and sharing them on social media when the mood takes me. This quote by Maya Angelou really resounded with me. You ain't dimming my light!

Styling Images For Instagram | I really want to up my social media game this year, so I've been reading all sorts of 'tips' posts and pinning them on my Blogging board. I'm always so inspired by other bloggers' Instagram posts (you can't beat a flawless flat lay) and this post was great for giving me some tips, which I'm hopefully putting into practice.

8 Common Mascara Mistakes You're Probably Making | I'm always partial to beauty tips as even though I've been wearing makeup for years, I wouldn't say I'm particularly great at applying it. This post has some really handy hints and pointers for mascara application. For instance, I've never thought of applying my mascara to the bottom lashes first to save the top ones from printing onto my eyelid and I've always pumped the wand, which is apparently a big no no. Who knew?!

Copper Oliver Bonas Mug | After seeing this on Josie's blog, I had to add it to my Wishlist board. It's copper and it's oh-so-beautiful. It'd look lovely in my living room, with its copper accents.

Grey & Pink Living Space | If you saw my recent post titled 'Beautifying My Bedroom' you'll know that I'm considering a monochrome and pink colour scheme and this Pin has inspired me to perhaps add in some copper accents to this room too! Also, I'm loving the Swiss Cross blanket. Does anyone know where I can get one that won't cost me a small fortune?

For more of my favourite Pins, follow me on Pinterest @meganjane03 & feel free to comment below with your Pinterest links. I'm always on the lookout for beautiful boards to follow!