The £6 Mugs for Biscuit Lovers

If you read my Favourite Feelings post the other day, you'll know how much I love my coffee. At the moment I'm limiting myself to one cup a day as I'm breastfeeding but in my opinion, decaffeinated coffee is just as good. What makes a cup of coffee even better is a cute mug, so when I saw these biscuit mugs, I simply couldn't resist adding them to my basket!
Perfect for biscuit lovers, the mugs feature a Jammy Dodger, Bourbon, Party Ring and Custard Cream, as well as a funny little slogan. I think my favourite has to be 'I Know How To Party.' They're made from china and are dishwasher safe - pretty good if you ask me, considering they cost just £6.00 for a set of four, from Tesco Direct. I feel like other websites would charge way more than that for these mugs, so if you like them, snap them up while you can!


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