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The Return of the Scrunchie

Until last week, I don't think I'd worn a hair scrunchie since circa 2004, maybe even earlier? They were all the rage when I was growing up - the bigger, brighter and fluffier the better. There was even a time when girls would wear multiple scrunchies in their hair in three shades of pink, purple or blue. New Look sold them as a pack of three, so why not pile them onto your scraped back hair bun all at once? Oh and not forgetting those two gelled strands of hair at the front - the perfect finishing touch...or so we thought at the time.

Anyway, as I was saying, it's been a hell of a long time since I wore a hair scrunchie but do you know what, I'm actually rather loving them right now! Ever since having Arthur, a high ponytail has become my go-to 'mum hairstyle' (if you like). It's quick, means I don't have to wash my hair every day (ain't got time for that) and stops Arthur from pulling it out. Oh and it prevents it from getting covered in milk posset post-feed. All very valid reasons if you ask me!

Well on a little trip to a baby singing class last week I noticed that quite a few other mums were rocking a ponytail (clearly for the same reasons) but one stood out to me, with her beautiful hair bow scrunchie. I felt like I was ten years old all over again and needing to copy the coolest girl in the class. So after the session was over and I'd sung my heart out to Twinkle, Twinkle and The Pirate Song (my personal favourite) I hurried my mum and Arthur over to Primark so I could pick up a pack of hair bow scrunchies. And do you know what, I was spoilt for choice! So much so that one pack of scrunchies wasn't enough, I needed two. I'm now the proud owner of four scrunchies, a red, a black and two patterned ones. I feel like they've completely transformed my boring mum hair. £3.00 well spent!

But don't worry, just because scrunchies have returned into my life, it doesn't mean the two gelled strands of hair will be joining them. Some things are definitely better left in our early teens.