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Things a new mummy will appreciate most

When thinking of a gift for a brand new mummy, what's the first thing that pops into your head? Flowers, right? Well as much as I love a beautiful bunch of flowers, when you've just had your baby and arrived home from hospital, the last thing you want to have to think about is flower arranging! Well it was in my case anyway. So with this in mind I've come up with a few things you could offer a new mummy that she will appreciate most...

Food - My best friend Hannah was kind enough to make vegetable curry for all of my family, to save us cooking a couple of meals, which was such a lovely idea. Something thoughtful like this can make such a difference to a new mummy! I also think bringing her snacks will go down a treat. She's not going to care about her post-baby-body just yet, so chocolates or you know, something more substantial that she can snack on whilst feeding baby will get a big thumbs up.

Drinks-making-skills - Just because a new mummy has said yes to visitors, it doesn't mean she's up to playing host! Let her sit there and cuddle her baby while you make the pot of tea. She'll happily let you take over, trust me.

Baby holding - If she's a family member or best friend, why not see if she wants to pop for a quick soak in the bath while you cuddle the little one? A bath might be just want she needs to feel human again!

Time to go through her entire birth story - I can't speak for all new mummies but one thing I absolutely loved sharing with my friends when they visited was my birth story and the fact they were all so interested and asking questions made it even more special for me. New mummies feel like superheroes after giving birth (and so they should!) so let them speak proudly of their achievement - no matter how long winded their story might seem.

Personal message in a card - I can hardly remember opening my cards from friends, as it's all such a blur and at the time, I certainly didn't take in all of the beautiful and meaningful messages inside as I was absolutely shattered. But now, I love getting the cards out of my memory box and reading through all of the personal messages to Arthur and me. A few kind words can make a wonderful gift.

And finally...If you can't resist buying her a bunch of flowers (because it feels so unnatural to turn up without them) then make sure you grab a vase, fill it up with water, chop the ends off the stems and throw in the flower feeder. She'll thank her lucky stars she's got you.

Have you got any to add? 
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