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10 Mummy Loves

When you become a mummy you experience a lot of 'firsts' with your baby and today is a really special one for me as it's my first Mother's Day! I feel so proud and honoured to be Arthur's mama. He's so precious to me and has made my life magical. I still look at him every single day and can't believe how lucky I am. I could literally gush about him all day but instead I'm going to leave you with ten of my mummy loves...

1. The smile I get when he sees me
2. How happy he makes his grandparents
3. The way he giggles when I tickle him
4. How he sucks his thumb to soothe himself
5. His peaceful expression when he's asleep
6. The way he snuggles up to me when he's tired
7. The happy sounds he makes when playing
8. How much he enjoys his milk
9. Achieving mummy and baby milestones
10. The feeling of unconditional love

And I just want to share the love by saying Happy Mother's Day to two of my special friends, Kerry and Sophia. You are both amazing mummies and it's been so wonderful sharing this experience with you.

Finally, to my mum, a Happy Mother's Day. I've learnt so much from you and I hope you know how proud I am to be your daughter. You're so special to me and to Arthur. We love you!

What are your mummy loves?