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AmaWrap Baby Sling Review

When I found out I was pregnant, I made a list of all the items I wanted to buy and one was a baby carrier or 'sling' as they're often called. I knew there were so many advantages of babywearing, from strengthening the bond between mother and baby and increasing your baby's confidence in their surroundings to the convenience of having your hands free! Trouble was, when it came to buying a baby sling, there were just so many to choose from - I didn't know where to begin and felt so overwhelmed. In the end, I decided to leave it - did I really need one? A few months on and having now tried the Amawrap with Arthur, I wish I'd got one sooner!

The AmaWrap (£39.99) was created by a lovely lady called Shabs and there's a truly wonderful story behind it, which you can read here. It's made from a stretchy material that when tied correctly (more on that later) allows you to safely carry your baby, with all the support you both need to comfortably go about your day. The AmaWrap is available in a range of colours, comes with a matching bag and is suitable from newborn up to 15kg.

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to receive the Oyster Grey AmaWrap* to try out with Arthur. When I got it out of the box, my first thought was 'oh god that's one long piece of material, I'm never going to be able to tie it' but I can now say, tying the AmaWrap is easy peasy.

Funnily enough, my dad was able to take one look at the instructions and tie the AmaWrap perfectly but I found it much easier to learn by watching him do it! If like me, you're better learning through watching, then I definitely recommend checking out the video tutorial AmaWrap have created because it makes tying the sling so much easier! I honestly can't believe how simple it is. I was expecting it to be far more complicated but you can literally do it in a couple of seconds, pop baby in and you're good to go!

Arthur seems super comfortable in the AmaWrap. He loves having a look around, whilst I potter about but usually falls asleep within five or so minutes of putting him in. You can pull the bit I like to call the pouch up higher to provide more support and even loosen and lower the sling slightly if you want to try breastfeeding in it. I can tell Arthur loves being close to me in the AmaWrap and seems so content. I love the closeness it gives us, as well as the fact I can actually get on and do a few things round the house.

Something that initially worried me was that I wouldn't be able to carry Arthur around for long, as at 16lb 10 he's no longer a little baby but the AmaWrap seems to distribute his weight evenly and makes him so much easier to carry. I haven't suffered any back pain at all!
I'm yet to venture outside the house with my AmaWrap but I can imagine it'll be brilliant. I was at a busy children's toy sale the other week and I wish I'd taken it with me, as it was a nightmare trying to navigate the pram through the hall, when there were so many children running about and other mum's trying to push their prams through too. I saw one mum with her baby in a sling and thought 'why didn't I bring my AmaWrap?!' It would definitely have made life a whole lot easier.

Speaking of making life easier - I imagine the AmaWrap would be fantastic for mums with newborns. I really wish I'd got one sooner, as I think it would have helped to settle and soothe Arthur during those early days, whilst also allowing me to move around more with him. Not that I minded being stuck to the sofa cuddling him all day! Who would?

All in all I've been really impressed with the AmaWrap and I'll definitely be recommending it to other mums and mums-to-be. The product's great, the website's really informative and I've also just read that AmaWrap actually donates slings to Neo Natal Units so parents with premature babies can practice kangaroo care - which makes me like the company even more.

A well-deserved rave review! I'm so thrilled with my AmaWrap and I'll be continuing to use it with Arthur for as long as I can.

Is babywearing something you do or would like to do in the future?
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