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Arthur's 5 Month Update

It feels so crazy to say this but I now have a five month old baby. Five months have passed so quickly but I'm trying to treasure every minute of motherhood. It's amazing how one little person can completely change everything. Arthur is the light and love of my life.

He's beautiful and still has a full head of hair
I know I'm biased but I'm pretty sure he's getting more gorgeous by the second. He was a beautiful baby from the start but now he's looking like proper little boy and he's just so damn cute! He's kept most of his hair and it's got a slight curl to it. It's the thing most people comment on when they meet him, along with his adorable gummy smile.

He's loud and lovely
He's been smiling for months but we also get giggles, squeals of happiness and conversational sounds from him now too. Over the last couple of weeks he's even started blowing kisses and the latest development are raspberries (thanks to Grandad) which come with plenty of dribble!

We're nearly sitting up
Arthur now enjoys tummy time far more than he used to and has rolled over a few times - which is both terrifying and exciting in equal measures for a new mummy. He's nearly sitting up by himself, which means I can start using his Cosatto 3Sixti Highchair next month when I begin weaning him. As it currently stands Arthur is exclusively breastfed and has been since birth but I'll be introducing other food to him at six months, whilst continuing to breastfeed. I've already got some Twist 'n' Lock Freezer Pods from Vital Baby to use but I'm still yet to purchase the rest of the things I'll need for weaning. Better start shopping!

He's growing like a weed
Something I mentioned in my recent baby boy haul post is that Arthur seems to have grown out of his 3-6 month sleepsuits as he's quite a long baby! I've ended up buying him 6-9 months and 9-12 months sleepsuits and outfits and they fit much better - the sleeves just need rolling slightly. I've found the sizing really varies from shop-to-shop, as with adult clothing too.

He loves his toys
Arthur still loves playing with his Fisher-Price Kick 'n' Play Piano Gym, his rattles and his Lamaze toys but I've noticed he's starting taking more interest in his Sophie Le Giraffe and Nuby teethers too. He's not really had any teething pain so I don't think we're there yet but he's definitely at the stage where everything is going in the mouth! I also recently treated him to the VTech Discovery Tree, which seems to be a great interactive toy. It's something he should continue to enjoy playing with as he gets older, so a good buy for parents!

We're sleeping well again
Although he did seem to be waking up every couple of hours around the age of four months (I started to think the newborn days had returned), Arthur seems to be sleeping much better again now at night. Long may it last...though it probably won't haha! Napping in the day varies but I am getting chance to blog, clean and do other bits and bobs so there's definitely some napping going on.

We don't really have a strict bedtime routine as such, though I have started bathing him in the evening, as I think it's more relaxing and enjoyable for us both that way. I read to him everyday and most nights he'll drift off to sleep with ease - far from the sleep battles of the newborn days! He still fits in his Hyde Crib in my room. I haven't really thought too much about when I'm going to move him into his nursery at night. I love having him next to me and seeing as it's recommended that you keep babies in your own room for the first six months anyway, it's not something I've got to worry about just yet!

I'll stop rambling now...
This little update has become exceedingly long so I'm going to leave it there. I could literally ramble on about Arthur all day but I'm sure that's the same with all mummies and their children. I've really been enjoying sharing more baby and parenting content here on Seek My Scribbles, so be sure to look out for future posts and updates.

Now seems like the perfect time to say thank you for the MAD Blog Awards nominations. I'm not foolish enough to think that my little blog will get anywhere in such big blogging awards but it honestly means so much that people have enjoyed my content enough to even nominate me, so a BIG thank you for that!