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Baby Boy Haul | Clothing & Toys

Arthur is now 21 weeks old and seems to have had a recent growth spurt. Not only is he nearly too long for his carry cot (meaning we'll be using the pushchair seat soon) but he's also getting too big for some of his 3-6 months clothing. Certainly the sleepsuits I bought him in 3-6 months are too small on the feet. I don't want him having to curl his toes under so I've been putting him in 6-9 months sleepsuits instead.

With Arthur growing so quickly, I thought it was time to start buying some clothing in bigger sizes, like 6-9 months and 9-12 months. I know a lot of parents buy their baby their entire first year's wardrobe when they find out they're pregnant but that's not something I wanted to do. I wanted to see what Arthur was like, so I'd buy clothes that suited him and I also knew that if I bought all of his clothes during pregnancy, I'd only end up wanting to buy more of the new season stuff once he was here, so decided to wait.

Something I've noticed is that I'm buying a lot more colourful clothing (as you'll see in this haul) than I thought I would. I've never been that into colour but Arthur just looks so gorgeous in brightly coloured clothes that I now love it! Next recently had their sale so I picked up a few bargains from there but I've also included things I've bought from Tu Clothing (Sainsburys), H&M, M&S, Boots and Toys R Us too. Let's get started!

First up we've got these colourful car t-shirts from Next, which I absolutely love. I feel like he'll get a lot of wear out of these over the coming months, as he'll be able to wear them with a cardigan while it's still on the chilly side and then on their own when it gets warmer.

Saying that, it never really gets that warm in England (at least not for long) so I wanted to get him a cheap and cheerful, lightweight coat. This cute red coat was from the Next sale and fit the bill perfectly, at just £6! I think it's still available online in some sizes, you just have to have a look through the sale items to find it.

I've had my eye on these tops for a while now, so I was really excited to spot them in the Next sale! I love the milk top the most but Arthur will get so much wear out of the grey textured top and striped top too. These were half price at £7 and are also still available in some sizes online.

I love Marvel so I couldn't resist getting Arthur this little Iron Man T-shirt in the Next sale. I think it's sold out online now but I think it was under a fiver! My dad also picked out this super cute and colourful racing car shirt for Arthur. Tu at Sainsburys have some really lovely baby clothes at very reasonable prices, so I definitely recommend having a look there if you're currently baby shopping!

While I was in Sainsbury's with my family, I also picked up these amazing shark print shorts. I can't wait for it to be warm enough for him to wear these! Tu do really good leggings and bottoms for babies, so I got this pack of two (striped and navy). I also decided to get some of these larger bibs that you just pop over the head. I think they'll be great for when I'm weaning Arthur at the end of next month and food is going everywhere.

Another place I love buying baby clothes from is M&S. Their designs are so lovely and there's a lot of unisex clothing too. Me and my mum couldn't resist these duckling and rabbit print sleepsuits when we were shopping in their recently. A food shop can soon turn into a baby shop - oops!

On the same trip out, I picked up a new pack of muslin squares from Boots (you can never have too many) and a pack of London themed vests. You get 5 for £11 so they're good value for money.

I've mentioned before how much I love H&M baby clothing so I'm always checking the site to see what new pieces they've added. I think Arthur is going to look adorable in these Hawaiian print shorts in the summer time.

Arthur's Grandma Sarah also bought him a sleepsuit, pram blanket and pack of vests from Cath Kidston. I couldn't photograph the sleepsuit and vests as they were in the wash but I absolutely love the old-fashioned style transport print. I never thought to look for baby boy clothes in Cath Kidston, so I'm going to have to keep an eye out now from now on!

And finally, we have the most exciting purchase - the Discovery Tree by vtech! I had some Love 2 Shop vouchers for taking out life insurance so I wanted to treat Arthur to something special from Toys R Us. I loved the colourful design of the Discovery Tree and the fact it was really interactive, with so much for baby to do. It's 6-36 months, so it should be a toy that he continues to enjoy as he gets older. I can't wait for him to play with it!

Are you currently baby shopping?
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