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Beauty Tasks on the Back Burner

Since becoming a mummy, my 'getting ready' routine has seriously changed. Everything has been pared down (makeup only takes 5 minutes max.) and some tasks seem to have been cut completely. For instance, painting my nails. It's sad really, as I've got these beautiful nail polishes from M&S sat in my drawer from Christmas that I've hardly touched. It'd only take me a couple of minutes to paint a quick coat or two of polish on my fingers and toes but I never quite manage it. Maybe once it's sandal weather I'll make time for it - they are quite summery shade after all!

Another thing I don't seem to ever get round to doing is popping on a face mask. I was going to blame this on them being messy but really, I'm just being lazy. I could easily put this one from Sanctuary Spa on whilst I enjoy a quick bath (yes quick 5 minute baths do exist when you're a mummy) and it'd probably do my skin the world of good. I'm going to attempt to squeeze this beauty tasks in this week - after all it only takes five or so minutes.

And the final beauty task that I seem to have put on the back burner is moisturising. Don't get me wrong, the face still gets moisturised twice daily but the body, well it's not had a lot of love recently. When I was pregnant I was moisturising religiously, as my skin felt so tight and I thought it might help to prevent my stretch marks getting worse (not sure I can say it did to be honest) but since I've had Arthur, it's one thing I always forget or can't be bothered to do. I really need to take better care of my skin or I'll end up regretting it later in life so this is another beauty task I'm going to try and re-introduce, at least a couple of times a week. The Righteous Butter from Soap & Glory sinks in so fast - I haven't really got an excuse not to do it!

Are there any beauty tasks you've put on the back burner?
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