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Behind A Blog Name

Do you ever come across a blog and wonder how the owner came up with the name? I mean, sometimes it's fairly obvious (e.g the blogger's name) but often I'm left wondering whether there's a story behind someone's blog name or if it was just a random thought.

In all honesty, I can't really remember how I came up with the name, Seek My Scribbles! I know I was on a train back from a holiday in Devon and I'd obviously been thinking about starting a blog but I think the name must have just popped into my head and stuck with me. It's a name I still really love, even after all these years.

Niche specific or not?
I guess the thing I like about my blog name is that it's not niche specific. My scribbles are my words and they can be about anything from my favourite beauty products to my tips on finding inspiration. I think that unless you know you're only going to blog about a certain topic e.g beauty or parenting, it's best not to choose a niche specific blog name. I've actually noticed a few bloggers and YouTubers have changed their blog and channel names to their own names recently and I'm guessing the reason for some will be that they want to explore and share new content ideas that their original name may not have allowed for as successfully.

Make it original
Originality is also important when choosing a blog name. Think of it as if you were naming and branding a product - you need a name for your blog that people are going to remember. I love blog names that are a play on words and find that really random blog names seem to stick in my head.

Research it
It's a good idea to do a little research before choosing a name for your blog. If lots of other bloggers have got the same name or similar, you're probably going to want to change it to something else. There's also domains to consider. You won't be able to secure a .com or .co.uk if someone already has yours!

Choose a name you won't outgrow
My final tip is to choose a name that's timeless. Sure you can rename and rebrand your blog in the future - plenty of bloggers have done it successfully but if you choose something that you're not going to 'outgrow' you'll save yourself time, hassle and money (if you're printing business cards) in the future.

What's the story behind your blog name?
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