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New Pink Bedroom Additions

If you saw my recent Beautifying My Bedroom post you'll know I was keen to add some colour and character to my bedroom. After trawling Pinterest for inspiration, I decided on a pink and monochrome colour scheme. Pink seems to be really in right now, so it wasn't hard finding some new additions for my bedroom, as you can see above!

I'd already found some lovely pink cushions in H&M and B&Q, which I shared on Instagram but once I saw the monochrome and pink cushions in Ikea, I had to pick them up too! They're large (50x50) and super squishy. I love them.

Whilst in Ikea I also bought another cactus plant trio - this time with pink pots. I've moved my white ones into my living room; a lovely addition for my sideboard. Oh and I got some lovely round boxes, which I haven't really got a use for yet but I was drawn in by the shiny triangle bits! I picked these up in the stationery section - which I didn't even know existed. I've been missing out! I managed to resist picking up a matching notebook and folder...it was hard though.

Another new bedroom addition is the pink wire basket. These are everywhere at the moment but I got mine from H&M. I use it to store my diary, Kindle, One Line A Day book and various other bits and bobs.

Finally I chose a few prints for the walls including this Shake It Off one. People charge so much for framed quote prints, it's ridiculous! I got round it by buying the prints on their own and then getting cheap frames from Amazon. You could go one better and print one off yourself but I'm way too lazy for that. I've also got a Love print, a What Would Blair Waldorf do? print and a colourful unicorn print but I'll show you those when I do my bedroom tour, once it's finished.

I'm really happy with how it's looking so far and these bedroom additions are simply perfect!

What do you think?