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Let's Talk Bum Cream

Don't you love it when a product name is straight to the point? Bennetts Bum Cream. There's no messing around with super pretentious long winded names that no one can even remember. You don't get more simple than bum cream or as Bennetts call it, Bum Crème (slightly more fancy, no?)

I was sent this pot to try as apparently loads of celebrities are now using baby bum creams on their faces. Whilst I can't picture celebrities choosing a nappy rash cream over their favourite hundred-pound-odd serum, I know that this sort of cream is effective in soothing problem skin, so maybe they do...after all celebrities must get spots too?! I've actually used a similar nappy rash cream (you all know the one) for a nasty spot on the odd occasion and whilst it did the job at night, it wasn't something I could layer under makeup. It tends to cling to the problem area and may as well put up a big sign saying "Hey there, check out Meg's spot!"

Bennetts Bum Crème* seems slightly thinner in consistency than other similar nappy rash creams but when you rub it in, it doesn't leave the same white patch. Since being pregnant and giving birth I've not had any major spot breakouts (maybe I've finally waved goodbye to teenage skin) but I've tried this on a little spot I got this week and it certainly felt moisturising. It rubbed in easily and didn't leave a nasty white patch. I often feel a little overwhelmed by skincare ingredients but I've read that this contains essential lavender oil, which is great for soothing irritation and also zinc, for quick healing - just what you need when a nasty spot rears it's ugly head.

Although this was pitched to me as being great for problem skin, since I have a (nearly) six month old baby, I thought it'd really be more appropriate to review it as a bum cream! I've been using this on Arthur instead of his other nappy rash cream for the past few days and it does exactly the same job. I've said before that he hasn't really suffered with nappy rash but I still like to use a barrier cream and for that, Bennetts Bum Crème ticks all of the boxes. It's super easy to apply, sinks in and definitely appears to have kept him free from irritation.

Although it's multi-purpose I'm keeping this as a bum cream (what it says on the pot) and it's now sitting in Arthur's nursery, ready for the next nappy change!

If you're interested in finding out more about Bennetts Bum Crème as a skincare cream or as a nappy rash cream, the Bennetts for Babies website will have all the information you need. You can also pick up a pot for yourself for £3.99 from Amazon, Morrisons, ASDA, Superdrug, Ocado and many UK pharmacies.

What are your thoughts on using nappy creams as skincare?
Have you tried Bennetts on your baby?
*PR Sample