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Mummy Scribbles

My 10 Thoughts I've had as a New Mummy post went down really well with other new mamas on Twitter, so I thought I'd turn it into a bit of a series called Mummy Scribbles! Every month I'll share some of the thoughts I've had and parenting things I've pondered over. I'd love it if other parents shared theirs too! Maybe we've had similar thoughts about things or there's something you can relate to here...

1. I don't have a routine? Do I even need a routine? What age should I have established a routine by? Is routine even a word, I'm not sure now I've said it so many times?

2. I own about ten million muslin cloths so why isn't there ever one to hand when I need one? Suppose it doesn't matter since he'll find a way to get to my cardigan instead.

3. Why isn't there a single parent emoji? I know emojis aren't important but still...there should be a single mum emoji and a single dad emoji, don't you think?!

4. Must not turnover, shuffle, cough, sneeze or breathe loudly or he might wake up. Oh no, I think he's heard me thinking too loudly.

5. Mmm dribble fingers.

6. Why are you collecting my hair in your fist? Is this the reason postpartum hair loss is a thing?!

7. He's rolling over, oh god, he's rolling. Careful baby. Careeeeful. YES, YES YOU DID IT! MUMMY'S CLEVER BOY!!! OH GOD YOU'RE AMAZING. (Definitely said that last bit out loud at the top of my voice)

8. "If you like it then you shoulda put a bib on it!" (To the tune of Single Ladies obvs.)

9. Oh that's why vests have a fold-over wide neck - for easy post-poo explosion removal! Why has it taken me this long to discover this?!

10. That smile. Nothing is better than seeing you smile. What was my life without you?

Have you had any funny parenting thoughts this week?
Or can you relate to some of the thoughts I've had?