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Arthur Loves: VTech Discovery Tree

It's fair to say that my living room now looks like a children's play area but honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. Arthur is lucky to have so many amazing toys (his grandma and grandad really do spoil him) but one of my favourite of all has to be the VTech Discovery Tree, which I purchased a month or so ago with some vouchers I had. I was initially attracted to it by it's cute and colourful design but on closer inspection I found that it has a whole lot more to offer, in terms of entertaining little ones and helping them to learn.
The Discovery Tree has various different play zones, each which teach children something different. The colourful apple buttons teach colours and phonics, the spinning ladybird disk introduces children to animals and the caterpillar piano keys teach musical notes and numbers. There's also a sing-along book in the form of a butterfly and a play zone for shapes, which can be pushed into the tree.
Even though Arthur is only 6 months old, he already loves playing with the Discovery Tree. I know he's not going to be saying his alphabet any time soon but he has so much fun hitting all of the different buttons, spinning the dial and turning over the butterfly wing page. I love seeing the look of concentration on his face and hearing the little noises he makes in response to the sounds he hears. It's a toy that he'll get so much out of for years to come. The older he gets, the more he'll discover!
The Discovery Tree was easy to assemble and has a sturdy design. I also like the fact that it's not too big, so it doesn't take up too much of my living room and can be moved around with ease. I currently sit Arthur on my knee so he can reach all of the different sections but I know it won't be long before he can sit up at it himself, especially now he's sitting up unaided!
I definitely think it's one of the best toys I've bought Arthur and is excellent value for money. The VTech Discovery Tree is available to purchase from most large toy retailers for £42.99 but I've just seen Argos are currently offering 10% off, pricing the Discovery Tree at £38.69 - may as well save a few pennies where you can. These kiddies are expensive after all - but worth every penny!