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Blogging - Schedule update, topics & more!

I feel like I've been a bit blah with blogging recently. I seem to go through periods where I'm blogging nearly every day and then dry spells, where I don't so much as send a tweet out promoting my posts. I haven't lost my love for blogging, not one bit but since becoming a mummy, I've found it very difficult to put time aside to sit down in front of my macbook and blog. That's by no means a bad thing - I love that Arthur has taken over my life, he's the centre of my world and I wouldn't have it any other way. It's now seven months since he was born and I feel like we're falling into some sort of routine, which will perhaps allow me to do a little more blogging here and there, so I thought I'd create a post sharing what I hope will be my new blogging schedule, so you know when to expect to hear from me!

Seek My Scribbles Post Schedule
Monday @ 6pm
Thursday @ 6pm
Saturday @ 6pm

I'm aiming to post three times a week for the time being. I think this is do-able and will allow me to spend time creating quality content, rather than just rushing to post something, which I dare say I've been guilty of in the past!

Blog topics covered
In terms of topics I think it's fair to say that I've moved away from some of the beauty topics I posted about before and have been focusing more on parenting content. Whilst I still love makeup and skincare, there's nothing quite like a baby to totally change your interests and priorities. I love being Arthur's mummy and since this blog is a reflection of the things I love, a shift from beauty to lifestyle and parenting content was a natural progression. I'm pleased that many of my readers have stuck around and that I've also gained a few new readers since I started focusing more on parenting and lifestyle topics. I'm not saying I won't ever write another beauty posts, as if there's a new lipstick I love or a cruelty-free brand I want to promote, I'm gonna blog it! But yeah, I guess what I'm saying is that I'm keen to continue with more baby, parenting and lifestyle (which in reality covers all topics) content.

Where to find me
As well as sticking to a blogging schedule, I'm also hoping to 'get back on it' with social media stuff, which has also been a little hit and miss as of late. The best place to connect with me is on Instagram - I share little life snaps on there most days and have been taking part in my friend Sophia's #TTLMAYMAMACHALLENGE which is so much fun!

Instagram: @megan_jane03
Twitter: @meganjane03
Facebook: Seek My Scribbles
Pinterest: meganjane03

So that's what you can expect from Seek My Scribbles and idea of the direction I'm hoping to head in, in terms of schedules and topics covered. I hope this has been a useful post for regular readers and any new visitors that find themselves here - it's certainly going to give me a kick up the bum...once I've pressed publish, there's no going back!