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H&M Baby Spring / Summer Haul

H&M is one of my favourite places to buy clothes for Arthur. They offer a great mix of cute and trendy (oh god I really do sound like a mum these days) baby clothing, with something to suit all tastes. Arthur has recently had a growth spurt and has actually jumped up a centile line, something which is apparently perfectly normal for his age. At 28 weeks, he weighs 20lb 7 and is fitting in 6-9 month and even some 9-12 month clothing, depending on the store! Of course, this along with the fact we're heading towards summer was the perfect excuse to treat him to a few new wardrobe additions (not that I ever really need an excuse to treat Arthur!)

First thing on my list was a sun hat, as I've been so worried about taking him out when it's sunny and have already stocked up on plenty of sun block. Finding a nice little boy's sun hat proved to be rather difficult but I finally decided on this cute under the sea cap, which has a bit at the back to protect his neck. My brother calls it a Gaiter hat and it makes me laugh every time he says it. It's one of those items that looks much better when it's on. Let's face it though...Arthur could make anything look cute!

Sticking with the sea theme, I couldn't resist buying him the printed seaside themed leggings above. It's not always that hot in England so even though he's got a few pairs of shorts in his wardrobe, I thought it was important that he had some leggings and trousers too. These ones came in a pack of two with the grey ones, which will also come in handy. They both look lovely with the Hey There Cutie top, which was a last minute, I NEED THIS IN MY BASKET purchase.

I picked up a few Henley t-shirts, as I always think it's good to have basic tees to go with printed bottoms - like the blue boat trousers pictured here! These have adjustable waistbands so they should fit him throughout the summer and I love that you can turn the bottoms up. The blue and white striped hooded jumper was a practical purchase (though a cute one at that) as I thought it'd be good to have a lightweight layer for weather-can't-make-it's-mind-up-days, of which we have plenty!

I know there's going to be more and more nights where it's just too warm for sleepsuits - especially in our new build house, which is always warm so I thought I'd pick up a couple more basic vests. I've always been a fan of nautical anchor prints - it must be the ex-Myspace-scene-kid-wannabe in me. The star print Henley is another favourite. He looks so handsome in navy!

So there we have my mini H&M baby Spring / Summer haul. I could have easily spent so much money on the website but with Arthur growing so quickly I try not to go OTT. Luckily I found a discount voucher online to knock a few pounds off the total. There always seems to be a few H&M codes floating around, so it's always worth doing a quick Google search before placing your order.

What's your favourite thing in my H&M Baby Haul?
Have you recently shared a spring / summer baby haul post? I'd love to see it!