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Beautiful Lullabies to Help Your Baby Sleep

Not so long ago I made the mistake of trying to look for nursery rhymes and lullabies to play to Arthur on YouTube. Why was it a mistake you ask? Well, do a quick search and you'll find the majority of nursery rhymes videos on YouTube are quite possibly some of the most annoying you've ever watched. On second thoughts, don't put yourself through it - just take my word for it! And when it comes to lullabies, unless you're happy to listen to Twinkle Twinkle or Brahms Lullaby on repeat for hours on end, the choice is pretty limited.

Now, you're probably thinking, Megan stop being an old grouch but it seems I'm not the only one to think that YouTube is seriously lacking in the baby music department. It was actually the thing that inspired Father-of-Two, Dan Smith (who also happens to be a BAFTA award winning director) and UK singer-songwriter Martha Bean to collaborate under the name 'Nursery Rhymes 123' and create the Lullaby Baby* album.

Lullaby Baby is the follow-up album to their popular 11 Nursery Rhymes and Songs album and features beautiful interpretations of traditional nursery rhymes and lullabies; perfect for creating a calm environment and soothing babies to sleep. There are twenty songs in total, with two original songs by Martha, who has such a gentle and peaceful voice that I have to stop myself slipping into a deep slumber right alongside Arthur! Some of my favourite songs include Beautiful Dreamer, You are my Sunshine and Lavenders Blue - a song that was featured in the newest Disney Cinderella filmI've found the album is perfect for playing at bed time but we also enjoy listening to it during feeds, as that's another time where we want to be relaxed and able to fully enjoy the closeness it brings.

Alongside the release of Lullaby Baby, Nursery Rhymes 123 have also uploaded a new video to their YouTube channel, featuring the song You Are My Sunshine. The animations, created by the talented Anne Wilkins, are beautifully unique and mirror the gorgeous album cover artwork you can see in the pictures above. They're nothing like the overly-bright, brash and annoying animations I've endured on other YouTube nursery rhyme videos - phew!

I really wanted to share this with other mamas, as it's such is a lovely album and the ideal soundtrack for your baby's bedtime routine. I've found it really helps to soothe Arthur to sleep and makes me feel at peace with the world too (always a good thing!) If you want to hear the songs for yourself, you can purchase the album on iTunes for £7.99 or listen to it on Spotify (the ads in between aren't nearly as relaxing so I'd go ahead and download it!) Lullaby Baby is also available to stream on Amazon, Google Play and Apple Music.

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