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Buttonbag Baby Craft Kit - A lovely gift for mamas!

Baby shopping is one of my favourite things to do and I can’t wait until my best friends have little ones so I can spoil them rotten, just like they have with Arthur. Personally, I love receiving outfits for him to wear and toys and books he’ll treasure for years to come but if you know a mama that’s got those things covered, there’s always the option of buying them something a little more unusual, like a baby craft kit!

British brand Buttonbag has created a wonderful new range of baby craft gift sets (£20), perfect for baby showers, Christenings and naming ceremonies. With some of the kits, like their baby booties and mittens gift set, you have the option to make them up beforehand and present them in a lovely suitcase gift box, ready for the baby to wear or use. Others are designed for the mama to do themselves, like the baby handprint gift set*, which Buttonbag kindly sent over for us to try.

I initially thought it would be quite tricky to create clay prints but the Buttonbag kit makes it oh-so-simple. It contains everything you need (including easy-to-follow instructions) to make at least two prints and the air-drying clay is non-toxic, so completely safe to use with little ones. All you have to do is kneed it for a few minutes, roll it out, make the print and then leave it to air-dry for about a week. You can use a cookie cutter beforehand to create a shaped print but I just trimmed it afterwards to get the shape I wanted. Oh and if it all goes wrong, you can simply screw the clay up and start again...which admittedly I did a couple of times!

Having a seven month old baby who likes to scrunch everything up in his little fists made creating the perfect hand print pretty impossible, so we decided to do a footprint instead. Arthur’s at the stage where he loves to stand up (with assistance) so he thought it was great fun sinking his little toes into the clay. I’m sure it’d be much easier to do a handprint with a newborn but I’m still really chuffed with Arthur’s footprint (which you can see below) and can’t wait to add it to his memory box.

The thing I love most about Buttonbag’s baby craft kits is how beautifully they’re presented. The ribbon-tied suitcases make the perfect gift boxes and the extra ribbons are a lovely addition if you’re making the item up before giving it to your mama friend. I’m planning on storing the footprint safely in the chiffon gift bag included in the suitcase and using the ribbon to hang the next print we create in Arthur’s nursery.

The Buttonbag baby craft kits are a lovely idea and a thoughtful gift for expecting parents. They offer something a little more unique than your average mama gift, with the chance to create a beautiful baby keepsake that can be treasured forever. Head on over to the Buttonbag website to see their full range of gift sets.
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